Goodbye Sir

By Elie - 3:38 PM

While the world rejoices to usher the new year, a family mourns the loss of their loved one. A woman loses her love. A child loses his father. A person loses her friend. A student loses her mentor. Rest in peace, the man of all trades. You will forever be missed by us all.

Well, not a good end to 2011 afterall. Goodbye, sir. You were irritating when you kept us staying back in class to hear you nag...but you were more than JUST a lecturer. You were a friend, a mentor and most of all, a man who taught with passion, love and all your heart. Hearing of your passing was a shock to each and everyone of us. You're a great person, sir. And no one will ever teach Advertising Principles like you do. Ever. It's so sad that my juniors will never get the experience I do. 

Goodbye, Mr.Gerard Anthony Manuel.

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