So much pain

By Elie - 5:00 PM

Yes, I'm back on a ranting mode. Grumpily I have returned to where you least expect me to but you know what? I find that to be my right anyway. So what's there to rant about this time? Well...given how things have been in recent days, I think it's only right that I state that there's more pain in the world than there could ever be.

Death. Deceit. Lies. Truth. Tears.

There's just so much around the world to speak of. What could seem to be the truth is branded as a lie. What could seem to be fair is deemed a cheat. What is real becomes what is not. And yet in no time, one just picks up and walks on like nothing really happened. How much pain can someone be hiding behind that sweet old smile? How many secrets can a heart be chugging on? How many painless nights could there still be? How many more times can someone just move on from what has happened? Or are they just...something they claim to be?

Passing. Betrayal. Spins.

Sometimes, life is just better off unknown.

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