2 Mothers, All The Love

By Elie - 11:29 AM

Guess what? I have 2 mothers!!!

Couzzie Sam, mum and I during Chinese New Year 2011

Okay, so this was quite a technical term when I address her as mum. I should really be calling her mama so that you guys don't get confused. Don't get me wrong, my dad is a loyal man who only has one wife but this mother I'm referring to right here? I grew up in her home. Literally. My parents passed me to her when I was bout 4 months old apparently and she's been caring for me since. In fact, when my family went to HK and back, I had refused to go home. This mother was too damn awesome for me to leave her. Yeap. This amazing woman here is actually my nanny turned god-mother. The love she pours to each and every child she cares for whether blood related or not is just so overwhelming and you can never find someone as warm hearted as she is.

And guess what? Her birthday was yesterday! So Happy Birthday, mum!!! Thanks for all you've done for each and every of us since we were real young. Thanks for making sure I have something to eat as soon as I drop my schoolbag by the organ and ensuring I am full enough. Thanks for nagging me when I spend my time with the computer and the TV more than doing my work and teaching the little ones how to construct proper English sentences. Thanks for all the care and loving efforts you have put in me although I am not your real child. You've treated me like one and for that, I am grateful. Thanks Mama. And a great big Happy Birthday!

That Penang trip in July 2011 with the family. Myself, mum, the silly brother and the handyman dad.

Okay so here's the real deal. That woman in grey between my brother and I? That's our mum. That's the person who had to carry me for 9 months, give birth to me, feed me, wash me and care for me all these years. That's the one who has been scolding me, loving me and doing everything for me without hoping any returns just because she thinks its really her responsibility. That's...MY MOTHER!!!

So here I am, giving her a great big post to wish her a very very very HAPPY 54TH BIRTHDAY!!! Age is just a number, mum. So no worries, you're 25 years old forever (plus about 29 years for now) as long as your heart thinks you are. Thanks for all the loving, nagging, caring, feeding, money giving, educating and mad shopping moments we've shared. Thanks for always supporting me throughout whatever I've done whether it's my school work, college gossips, relationship complaints or just my regular rants from my PMS moments. And also thanks for having to sarcastically tell me there was no need to hide my boyfriend at all since you guys knew yet you've never said a word about it. So much heart attacks had to be overcome back then. Really, not funny.

You guys are always the best...regardless whoever should come into my life sooner or later. Much loves, your daughter. To the both of you. :)

P/S: Yeah if any of you have realized...I have 2 mothers and they both have birthdays a day apart from one another. CAUSE WE'RE ALL AWESOME LIKE THAT!!!

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