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By Elie - 6:15 PM

Here I am again! And let's see what's my rant about today. Oh right...the huge controversy regarding the few Malay girls who had posted inappropriate pictures of their little visit to Chinese graves and has actually gone viral. In fact, it is now in the Chinese newspapers! I suppose that's really what you'd get for posting up disgracing pictures that insults other races in the country.

As a supposed future generation in this country, I'd really hope action would be taken against these two young children. First and foremost, why were they even at a Chinese graveyard given that they are not of that race? Secondly, why would anyone take photos in places like these? Thirdly, (given that they were really brought there by their parents) which parent would tolerate that their young child were posing for photographs with their middle finger stuck up?! To be honest, I think my parents would choke me to death if they even heard me say the word "f*ck" out loud within their hearing distance. Somehow, I highly doubt "bast*rd" is acceptable for me to speak out anyway.

I'm really not trying to create racial diversions nor any issues that could land me in jail but just to justify that we the younger generation really are flabbergasted that these situations CAN happen and are given NO actions to work out on. Seriously? Where are the authorities on this? Where's the apparent "Internal Security Act" on this? Does this not constitute to be important enough to create racial issues? Does this not appear to be serious enough to create a riot amongst races? Sometimes, I wonder if they are reading the comments of the angry netizens online.  The funny part is, you even find people of the accused race getting fired up regarding this issue! Some are stating that they would like to try to visit other graves and do such a thing and test their luck out with the government. Were they going to just let this issue go?

Truth is, these pictures have gone viral within moments. From one webpage, it has transferred to another and it currently runs around Facebook quicker than any fire wire and possibly 95% of those who had viewed these pictures are getting steams off their ears. Moreover, the apparent "apology" note that one of these young girls had posted is seemingly insincere to her act of remorse and appears to really just be forced to do it in order to pour out the fire. Sadly, it's just not working. An excerpt of her words are as shown below:

Do click to enlarge. And more here.

Really, child? This is how you apologize to hundreds of thousands of angry people? This is how you handle the anger that you have caused and the troubles that you have made with your disrespectful acts? And just a quick question comes in mind. Where are your parents in this? Why haven't they said a word to apologize for having not educating you in proper ways? Why are they just letting you run things as it is? As a whole, I would say that YES these kids need and please read; they NEED to be properly punished for what they have done and I don't mean just a rude "apology" status on Facebook. Furthermore, what's with the follow up status saying you're done apologizing? Shouldn't you be facing the music for real? Of course, the parents would then need to be freaking given a piece of everyone's mind. Come on, this is how you're raising your children? Such a ridiculous act! What sort of a parent teaches their children to disrespect other races and much more...THE DEAD?! What could the deceased have done to you to deserve such an act of being disgraced publicly along with your children?! 
If you're really sorry, I'd suggest you first apologize to the family of those whom you have humiliated. Of course then you'd need to face most of the Chinese people who have found this highly insulting in every way. I mean come on; sticking out tongues, flashing middle fingers, sitting on places we; the descendents lay our knees on and worst of all, SITTING on a gravestone (or at least that man was) is NOT a way to show that you respect all races as how our Prime Minister is promoting. Definitely not a way to bring the 1Malaysia plan to success.

There. I'm done ranting. I'm done complaining. And I'm done wondering what the bloody hell has gone wrong with the world nowadays. Kids, get yourselves off Facebook for good. I hope you guys learn your lesson this time. If you don't, well good luck going out to the society and meeting the big guns. You're just bound for doom by then.

Disclaimer: This post is merely a figure of my thoughts and the words are purely matters of what I think. It is in no way meant to offend nor defend whoever of whatever race. If you are indeed offended, I apologize for my fault and I hope you accept my sincere regrets of having accidentally made a mistake as such. Thank you.

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