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By Elie - 4:47 PM

Man, I'm so pissed with Blogger for crashing without saving my draft on this post. So what's the story? I actually spent about an hour earlier on to do up the very same post but in a flash, it just vanished into thin air thanks to Blogger and my Mozilla Firefox that just went poof on me. Sigh. I am again to tell you what it's all about now. Last night, my friend Scott had been bombarding our Twitter feed with a load of appreciation tweets to various people and it motivated plus reminded me that I have never done something so amazing to my friends. Hence, I figured that I really should dedicate at least one out of my many blog posts to my friends who has been there for me through my ups and downs without a single whine. So do enjoy what I have to say after no particular order, here goes!

Rebecca Tan, the crazy child

Aha! I don't even know why Rebecca's on my college list when she's really a HELP student. I suppose it's because I met her during my college days. Well, crazy Becca as I call her is in a very funny way one of my great friends of which I never imagined would be so close to me. I got to know her through Sophira and I'd never forget that our first conversation was regarding the night market on Sophira's Facebook status update. But that was all it took. From one status update, it became Twitter stalks, MSN talks, Skype rants and random chilling sessions wherever it might be. Thanks for being willing to drive me all around (Tropicana to Ara Damansara then to BU and to Kelana Jaya or Amcorp Mall) and for introducing me to mee pok (MY DUMPLINGS FTW!!!) and a few more interesting things. Thanks for listening to me rant over and over about the same old things and never get bored. I appreciate the moments that I've known you as a friend, Becca. Thanks for killing your New Years Eve with me. Thanks for basically everything that you've done although we've really just known each other for less than half a year. It's great. But that doesn't mean you're any less crazy. Still mad.

Callie Siew, my sister from another mother.

What shall I tell you about Callie? For one, she's actually my very first friend from college and I doubt she will ever let me forget that I had an extremely ignorant face when we first met in Ad-Venture Camp. We became quick friends though, spending most of our times talking about none other than guys, family matters, financial problems, friendship rants and NS experiences. Facebook and Twitter was never enough and we have nearly spoken over MSN every single night since our friendship bonded and we've even done a 3 hour long Skype session. Well, that was obviously a crazy day. Albeit the fact that we're of different classes, I'm really glad our friendship has never been affected and that we're still closer than ever. I'm really proud to know you, Callie. Thanks for ever being so willing to be my chauffeur to everywhere, accompanying me when I'm depressed till 3 in the morning and even being there when I'm suffering from insomnia one of those random nights till 5 in the morning. Thanks, sister from another mother. It's a blessing that I've known you. Oh another thing, we're even from the same hometown, no?
Kay Yen and Swea Ching

The first thing I'll do to these two is apologize. I'm SORRY that I don't have single pictures with you guys. I feel guilty for real. But I assure you, I'll make it up to you guys when we meet. As in...CAMWHORE TO THE MAX!!!

So, Kay Yen. I think my first impression to this girl was that she's a goody-two-shoe who doesn't speak a lot but boy was I amazed when she first spoke to me. How could an innocent looking girl like Kay Yen be someone so...sneaky?! Her ever so chilled out spirit and willingness to make something work out is just overwhelming and sure makes a great leader out of the team. Thanks for working out with me when we were together for the Spot.On project. Thanks for enduring my crazy moments, break downs and the wrecks I've caused when we rushed on the Look At Me Now event. Thanks for making us laugh at moments when most of us are stressed and pushed to our limits and thanks for giving us words of encouragements to work it out although we were pretty sure it wasn't going to be possible. We didn't do a perfect job, but we nailed it hard together. Thanks, Kay Yen. You're stronger than I thought you were. And you know what I mean by that. I hope.
Swea Ching! Ching-A-Ling-A-Ling! I figured eventually I would have to talk about this hyper active, never dying energizer bunny. My first thought of her? "My God, doesn't this girl EVER sit down?! Where does she find ALL these energy?!" Yes. That's how it first ran in my mind about Ching. Of course, without Ching I might not have picked up hip hop dancing (Although I'm majorly horrible in it) and may not have found such fun as well as relaxation in moving my feet with my uncoordinated hands. Dance became my very next outlet whenever I felt depressed and eventually is now one of my fat losing routines. Thanks, Ching-A-Ling for being our never ending entertainment whether online or in person especially with your TV 11 idea. Thanks for always  being cheerful because if you weren't, I don't think I could be as cheerful. You're a work of art and I do hope you never stop being so awesome. Ching-A-Ling, ChingFromTV11, ItsJustChing. You're a multi personality person...but you're all so possum. :)

Gasp! It's Liyana!

Hey! It's Liyana! The Malay - Chinese who has bigger eyes than mine! I think the one thing that's great about Liyana is how she mixes so well with the lot of us without a care about racial issues or matters like that. It's great, really. I do miss how she calls me Els Bells (A referral to my Twitter username) in such a natural way as if it really were what everyone were to call me. Liyana is a one of a kind friend who is really just willing to go the extra mile for someone although she really isn't connected to the matter in any way. You don't get friends like these very often. Liyana; is a rare case scenario and I distinctively remember that I once joked on how I would like to capture her, lock her in a cage and feed her with nothing but rice and gravy to ensure that she does not extinct from the face of Earth. I was kidding, really. Or not.

Scott. Scotty Lee.

Here we are, Scott the vain pot. Hey that rhymed! Scott is really the one who inspired me to do up this post and I would say that the picture I have picked up does NOT justify our friendship. Sadly though, there aren't many flattering pictures of us and this one seemed a lot better compared to the one he had picked out to post on Twitter and introduce me. Really, he had picked out one where I looked like a pig. Not fascinating at all. I believe that shall be a lesson learned; to never pose for pictures like that ever again. I really am no longer 10 years old. Anyway...Scott! Initially I figured that Scott was a weird guy. And I feel bad for that now because I had only based that on the fact that he spent a lot more time with the girls than the guys. That isn't a bad thing after all. Never have I imagined that I could have heart to heart talks with Scott in the middle of the night about the most random of things and funny enough, it is very comfortable to do so. Without a doubt, Scott is the best guy friend I've got in college. I hope you know now, Scott "Ollen-whatever-you-used-to-call-yourself" Lee. And so now you know!

Cheam Szen Li, Tiny.

I just had to with your nickname. I'm sorry. Tiny! I mean, a girl I met through none other than my irritating boyfriend while we were hanging out in the kopitiam we're forever seen at. Of course, sorry to say the first thing that came in mind was "Is she really 18?" because she's that petite little thing with a roar. I suppose that if I were the Kancil with the bus horn, she'd be the Kancil with a lorry horn. (Inside joke) Szen, is a person that never lets a friend down regardless. The one thing I'd really want to thank her for is how she had told me not to give up on Y-Kin when we had one of our worse fights. (And also Mei Xin; just in case she's snooping through looking for her name. Thanks for kicking my ass over the phone and scolding me in my mind of what I thought.) Although the person involved was your close friend, you weren't bias and you had more faith in my relationship than I personally did. You're amazing, Szen. Thank you. Because I may have just let it go back then. Thanks, Tiny...especially for the gift you have bought me from the States. We haven't been friends that long and yet you've splurged that much for me. Sankyu. :)

Sophira Chong, Y U No Fun!

Chong!!! It's finally time to talk about you!!! I first met you at Kumickey's birthday bash and my first thought was..."THANK GOD NOW I KNOW SOMEONE FROM THE APRIL INTAKE AND I WILL NEVER BE A LONER IN CLASS THE NEXT SEMESTER". Yes. You literally saved my whole semester holiday back then from worrying if I were to be the loner in class. I think there isn't much to say than just big fat thank yous for every single thing. Our lunches, random outings, your willingness to send me from point A to point B although you really didn't have to, your efforts in doing up our work while we all really just chilled, the moments you smiled even when I ranted over and over, the times we shared complaining about the same people that we have both experienced working on and a great big ass thank you for introducing me to your crazy friend, Rebecca.  I've seen you happy, I've seen you sad, I've seen you stressed, I've seen you worried and I've seen you get pissed. I think you're still better off with a smiley face. Stay that way and be FUN. Such a joke, but did you see what I did there?

I picked out this picture for...Wen Qi. The girl right next to me.
(And also that Ching looks hilarious. :P)

Jolin Lee Wen Qi! Yeah, that glamorous model to be of our class. Well, Wen Qi...what am I to say about you? Initially I thought you were snobby. I don't know why I even thought that but you've proven me wrong. You're not at all snobby and you're really a fun person to talk to. Your sarcasm is especially intriguing to me and I enjoy each and every moment with you. No pun, really. I like your feisty attitude as well as how you're straightforward enough in everything you say and do. Thanks, Wen Qi...for working with me for the photography assignment and for being our model, whipping your hair back and forth. For talking lala with me on Twitter in the middle of the night and making me know that I should never judge a book by its cover. You probably had no idea...but now you do.

Bryan Lim

Bryzoid the photographer slash neighbour I never knew slash good friend with a knack for jokes. Okay that's a seriously ugly photo of me but I've just realized I don't have ANY pictures with you that look proper. In fact, I don't have any pictures with you that's just the two of us. Really, it's all group pictures. Sheesh. What could I say about you? I guess you're really a good friend, someone who is willing to lend a helping hand and is absolute fun to be with...all your accents, sarcasms, knacks for laughs and relaxed attitude reminds me that life is indeed short. Why stress yourself out when you really could be kicking back and relaxing? Thanks, Bryan. You saved my ass for photography with your online lessons. You saved my butt when you taught me even over the phone. I don't think anyone would be that willing to share all these trade secrets. And really...neighbours for more than 10 years and we never knew?! Tsk tsk tsk, you anti social child.

DMC 201101/04

That's it. For now anyway. Thanks to each and everyone of you whether or not I have worked with you. I promise that in the next 1 and a half years, I'd make it up to you if we've kicked off on the wrong foot. There's going to be a lot more opportunities for us to work together either as a team or just plainly as a class. There's going to be a lot more lunch times together and crazy moments for our bonding. Outings, chats and everything regardless if we're in the same class, same college or just the same damn country, I trust we will eventually cross paths again. Let our moments come and let's see how we've changed over time. :)

Now, that was a long post. And yes, it took me quite a lot of time but it's all worth it. Afterall, what are you without friends and what is life without a good, true and pure friendship to treasure? A blank.

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