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By Elie - 4:49 PM

I'm back again. Yeah, you're seeing a whole lot of me recently just because I'm on my semester break and it's another week before I'm expected to get back to college on a daily (Wait! What am I saying?!) regular basis. Just about 5 minutes ago, I came across a post from Joseph Germani (And just in case you guys have NO idea who he is, click right here to know that he's a local boy who makes short videos and posts them on Youtube. I happened to know him when I attended the filming for Take Me Out Finale : Celebrity Edition) where he spoke of a place to get applications, themes, wallpapers and stuff for Nokia phones. The first comment on that was that of a guy who said, "I thought you used an iPhone. How lame."

Needless to say, I got mad. In which I had replied with, "What's wrong with a Nokia phone? Not all of us can afford expensive smartphones okay? Just because we use a Nokia, it doesn't mean that we're 'lame'. Have some brains before talking. Before all these iPhone, Android and BlackBerry hype, Nokia phones were the best! Idiot." Clearly, I had blown my top. Come on. Just because we don't own an iPhone we're lame? Just because we're not holding up a Samsung or HTC we're losers? Just because we don't fiddle around with a BlackBerry we're suckers? Well gee, sorry then.

 I for one, own a Nokia 5800 XpressMusic
P/S: I finally found a new toy for my Google Chrome. It's a webcam program and helps me generate special effects on my pictures by default. This one's on Lomo! :)

To be honest, it's a great work of art. I love how it works. But it's understandable that it's spoiling bit by bit right now because I've had this baby for about a good 2 years and it's approaching the 3rd year this April. That's right, I've had a phone that is branded as "lame" today. Imagine that. A phone that has always been the hype and was probably one of the best sellers 3 years back is now deemed lame just because the newer generation runs after iPhones and all that branded stuff. I wouldn't say I don't want an iPhone but I'd say I'm getting one only because the web browsing experience is good one. Undeniably, it is very good when it comes to browsing on Facebook, Twitter or push e-mail notifications. 

Anyone remembers this amazing piece of gadget?

Yeah, would you remember the existence of the legendary Nokia 3310? You could throw this at someone and it'd hurt the person more than your phone. The cover would chip and the screen may crack but wherever you head and simply get a new cover, the phone would be as good as new. You could drop this amazing tool from 4 floors high, see the parts fly out piece by piece, picking them up as you go from the screen to the battery, from the keypads to the covers only to put them all back, turn it on and see that it's still working!

How hard would it hit you to know that Nokia phones are now apparently "dumb" and "lame" to own? Please, kiddo. You barely look 14. I'm really trying to wonder what you're even doing on Facebook. Quit being so materialistic, get off your Facebook, and probably try and get a Nokia of your own to see that it really is amazing. For real.

Shall be off to swallow my Panadol then head to bed. It's my turn to settle with the juniors for orientation in college tomorrow. It's actually been a year since I've become a college student myself! Hmmm. Oh and a beach holiday at the end of this week. How exciting! :)

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