Hold it there, kid.

By Elie - 5:01 PM

I'm here again! And this post feels a little expired but I just felt that I still have to talk about it. Recently there's been a viral video on Youtube regarding...well a kid making a Vlog and slandering Chinese New Year as if it's such a bad thing.

First and foremost, this kid is seriously too young to be talking about shit like this. He's probably about 10 and his attitude is ridiculous. I mean, come on kid...how could you just disrespect a tradition that has been around the Chinese community just like that? Plus, AREN'T YOU CHINESE TOO?! Yes, you're a Singaporean but that does not make you any less Chinese. Yes, there's the New Year where we turn from 2011 to 2012 and so on and so forth, but it doesn't mean that the CHINESE NEW YEAR is not as important. It marks something important to the Chinese and if people of other races can appreciate our tradition, why can't you? Come on over to Malaysia and see how people of different races can accept us!

Where are his parents anyway? Do they know what their child is doing online? Uploading stupid videos like these, and slandering a race as though he was never in the wrong? You should check out all the hate comments posted regarding how people are in search of your son to just smack some sense into him. He's young, and you really need to save him before he gets worse. Or even before he gets smacked on the streets and just left to die.

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