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Guess who went to Garden @ The Curve for dinner tonight? Well, for one I had just been dying to visit this place because it looked REALLY beautiful and it seemed extremely tasteful. Plus, the pictures on the menu looked so scrumptious and delicious that we were all just cheated anyway.

Peach Soda

Passion Fruit Soda

We were first greeted with the two drinks we had opted for; the peach soda and passion fruit soda that costs RM 9.90 each. I guess these drinks would actually be the best things on our table tonight. However, the peach soda tastes distinctively like Spritzer's Pop drink and could easily be switched and perhaps no one would notice the difference. Man, I'd be earning a whole lot now. The passion fruit soda wasn't all too bad. At least it tasted like passion fruit (although I highly suspect there's a whole lot of syrup content in that glass anyway) and I figured that the money was...still not worth it. There was nothing better to drink though, so I might as well had settled for this.

Next came our starters, which we intelligently just settled for 2 bowls of their "Wild mushroom soup" in which we were given the impression that it was a "Chef's specialty" and "Homemade" because that was what the menu had stated.

Wild Mushroom Soup

Our first thought was that it probably wouldn't taste so bad...but it was overly creamy with no taste of mushrooms at all. Of course, we could see the bits and pieces of the supposed mushrooms but my brother the chef said that it was too obvious to be a canned soup anyway. This costs RM 10.90 a bowl and the only redemption moment of this would be that it was quite big in portion. I guess that's okay when you want to share. After all, we had 2 bowls for 7 people and that was just fine.

The first main course that come was Chef's Prawn Spaghetti Aglio Olio and his reaction to the dish in front of his eyes was, "You have GOT to be kidding me." That's right, he said that out loud.

Prawn Spaghetti Aglio Olio

Of course, the color really didn't look very appetizing and it was cold. Imagine having to serve that a Chef from KL Hilton. Very disastrous. Taste wise, even I would say it was bad. There was a bigger tinge of sourness than anything else and it made me wonder for a while if it were just spaghetti soaked in a "tomyum" based broth. For RM 18.90, it felt like a big pinch and a tad bit pricey.

We were then served with my parents' order and my own order of a braised lamb shank, a black pepper chicken chop and a grilled Baramundi (a type of sea bass) which costs RM 32.90, RM 18.90 and RM 18.90 respectively.

The Black Pepper Chicken Chop

Grilled Baramundi with Sauteed Vegetables

Braised Lamb Shank

The chicken chop didn't taste ANYTHING like black pepper at all. Really, it was just a huge "what on Earth am I eating" moment when my mum cut it open and ate what she ordered anyway. Of course, I had tried a piece for myself and I must say that I couldn't figure out what I was eating. I suppose it was just a piece of chicken watered with gravy and then dished out as whatever it was supposed to be. 

As for my grilled Baramundi, my first thought was that it was fishy...and Chef commented that it looked like a frozen piece of fillet. The skin was an unhealthy scale of black and the taste was only at an edible level. I mean, I wouldn't really say it was bad, but I would never order that piece of fish ever again. Anyway, I only got it because they had apparently run out of their "famous fillet" for the fish and chips. Whether or not that was a lie, I'm not entirely sure but it may not have been such a bad thing after all.

The braised lamb shank as pictured looked pretty juicy and good but when it came, it wasn't what we expected at all. It had a lamby smell and the gravy was...unexplainable. I really have no idea what to call the "braised lamb shank" and at RM 32.90 for a piece of that; I found it outrageous. To me, it was extremely overpriced; albeit how they wish they were as good as that. Call me rough in my review, but what has to be said will HAVE to be said.

Overall, Garden @ The Curve is really nothing but just for views. Sure, the scenery looks great and all but the food and service is nothing big to shout about. In fact, the service staff was so terrible to a stage that he did not put in the order we had called out for and made us wait till most of us were done before he finally brought over my poor grandmother's drink. It was ridiculous to make a 77 year old lady wait for her drink but it was the only thing she wanted to drink. The pricing was quite on the high end bit too as we were charged at a premium pricing for all that we had ordered. Of course, my parents, Chef and I had left before the bill came (a great big thank you to my aunt for the dinner) but I would expect it to hit a big RM 200 or more anyway. I had such big hopes; only to have them dashed so badly. Maybe I'll just stick to my usual Bah Kut Teh fix anyway.

Disclaimer: All reviews are based on my own experience and is not at prejudice to anyone or any companies.

Just to end it off, here's a picture of me for the Chinese New Year!

I have doggie paws on my nails for the Chinese New Year! :)

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