Kids Need To Run

By Elie - 4:35 PM

I have returned again! Well, recently there's been a lot that I want to talk about but I've been so taken aback by the TVB series that other things just seem so trivial. And then eventually I forget all that I've wanted to talk about. Oh well, I can't be blaming myself. The Chinese New Year break has really gotten to me so well that even my body clock has adjusted well to the late nights and crazy afternoons.

Enough blabbering and back to my topic, shall we? So I finally got out of my house and went around with my parents the other day and the one sickening thing I noticed was that kids...yeah you're reading this right...KIDS about the age of 6 or 7 are forever glued to little nifty gadgets that appear to either belong to their guardian or worse yet; themselves! And somehow, it was the same sight when I went out with my boyfriend for shopping. These kids are forever fiddling around with their iTouch(s), iPhone(s) or an iPad! In fact, we came across a bench where there were two kids and a man we believe to be their father; each just playing with their OWN gadget; their ears stuffed with a set of earphones and just ignoring whatever was going on in front of their eyes. Could you imagine...a family with no communication? Really?

Today, I came across a situation even more ridiculous when I had lunch in McDonalds, Centrepoint. I actually saw a parent discouraging her daughter to run around and have some interaction and fun in the play-land of McDonalds and offered her the iPad instead! At that moment, I was completely lost for words. The little girl looked barely 6 and she could handle an iPad better than I probably can! What was wrong with running around, sweating a little and just having some plain fun as a child? What is it with the perception of some "rich" women that an iPad could offer more interaction than slides, stairs and a whole lot of plastic can? To be honest, I'd rather spend a whole afternoon on the swings and slides than to be in front of all these technological gadgets anyway!

Dear parents around the world, in the woods, up the mountains, over the seas and simply everywhere in every corner: as much as you want to "protect" your child away from the "dangers" of the outside world, you're only making things worse. Being a child with no experience in the amazing society right now is as good as putting a helpless rat into a cage of starving snakes. Your child would have NO idea of what's right and what's wrong, what's ACTUALLY dangerous and what is just a threat made of silly fun. Your child would have NO idea of how to work things out WITHOUT all these luxurious technology and they would probably already have no idea how to clean up after their tracks in whatever they do.

You know; when I become a parent, my child would get kicked out of my house from 10am to 7pm and have all the fun he/she wants as long as they're not involved in illegal doings or mixing with the wrong sort of influence. I'm probably never handing them any gadgets except a cell phone that does nothing but give and receive phone calls before they turn 15 anyway. I'm a terrible mother, I know. But hey, at least my child would know that a world outside of the gadgets exist!

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