Case of the Missing Claw

By Elie - 6:18 PM

Well, HEY there. So I take it I'm a little late on updating but I guess it's better to be late than not being around. My rant of the day? The mystery of the stolen crab claw. Or claws. That's right! My family and I resorted to a nice dinner 2 nights back in a restaurant called Lucky Restaurant. How typically Chinese indeed. But I suppose it wasn't their "lucky" night after all.

You see, we were charged RM 58 per kilogram for our crabs in which it was supposedly RM 87 for 3 of those crabs. Now, any regular person would figure that the claws on the crab would be the meatiest, yummiest and the best to count and share amongst the family but it had appeared that this was also the most sought after part for everyone INCLUDING the kitchen staff. Every crab would have a pair of claws and naturally, we'd expect 6 claws to be dished out along with every other part of the crab but lo and behold...we found only 4. Simple math here. 3 x 2 = 4 or 6? Ding ding ding...brownie points if you've got them right! So where could a pair of them have run to?We HIGHLY suspect that they were sitting comfortably around in the kitchen awaiting their fate only later at night when the staffs have their supper.

Of course, we confronted the captain of the restaurant and her reply was that it would have been the kitchen's "mistake" and said she'd charge us RM 10 less from whatever we were charged. So in the end, she wanted to just give us a "discount" and take away our claws? No way, we said. We had INSISTED on our meaty goodness (although it wasn't all that tasty anyway) because it was our rights! Afterall, it was a ridiculous excuse; to put the blame on the kitchen staff stating that there's been a blunder and mix up on our orders. How are you to mix up orders for a whole crab? I thought you'd always just chop them up and put them in a basket and automatically that's the portion for that particular order. At least that's what my uncle does in his restaurant in Bangsar.

Then again, I understand how things work in a kitchen. I've been a staff of a cafe last year for a few months and the things we do behind the counter is really unimaginable. Trust me, you don't want to know. One thing for sure, it's all hygienic, I swear. But here lies my questions. Where is the respect for your customers, dear restaurant? Where are your ground rules for your service and kitchen staffs, dear owner? Are you highly aware that this ruins the reputation of your restaurant? In fact, my mum walked straight up to the lady we presume would have been the owner to the joint and told her everything from A - Z but we got just about the same reply as what the other girl had told us. They blamed it on the kitchen staff's clumsiness and klutzy doing but how do you lose a proper pair of crab claws in the first place? We wouldn't have suspected anything if it were just one...but to lose a pair seemed a little impossible. Perhaps they were a loving pair; like Romeo and Juliet or Pocahontas and John Smith. A little "I'll jump if you do" drama would occur, don't you think?

Guess what? My missing crab claws bid you good really is 1:18 AM on a Tuesday night / Wednesday morning and I have class tomorrow. Joy. Maybe I could steal a few crab claws and bribe my lecturer into letting us off early, huh?

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