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By Elie - 4:17 PM

My mum has a new toy! It's an Acer Iconia A500 and in just a simpler term, it's a tablet PC. Considering she's already seeking a buyer for her shop and planning to retire pretty soon, my brother, aunt and I decided to team up and give her something we thought she'd like. I guess she does like it anyway. Welcome to the anti-social side of life, mummy.

No, all that bragging was NOT the point of my post. I actually heard on the news on one of those nights that the government had built a bridge that links KLCC to Bukit Bintang! I suppose they had completely forgotten to mention that when they say KLCC, they had meant Kuala Lumpur CONVENTION CENTER and not the shopping complex. Also, it was linked to Pavillion and not Bukit Bintang. Such inaccurate information, dear RTM news. Tsk tsk.

First look into the bridge from KLCC; clean, bright and a little warm. I suppose the air conditioning was on, but because it was the entrance, the heat from the sun still affects this area. Oh, they have security guards on duty! I feel safer now.

Smile, you're on the camera!

Nice clean walkway. Walking straight leads you to a hotel while turning left leads you towards the Bukit Bintang route. The air conditioning does its job pretty well from here on. No more heat!

Another split section. Left takes you to Bukit Bintang while right takes you to KL City Walk.

Quite a crowd in the front. It is most unfortunate I do not possess an iPhone hence the quality of the picture. Forgive me.

Finally arriving Pavillion! Phew, the heat does attack you from here on.

My aunt and I had taken our own sweet time to walk our path and it took us about 20 minutes but I highly believe that if you were on a hurry, you could reach in no time. For now, the bridge is still clean and well air conditioned. I'm not entirely sure if it will be well lit at night but I do believe they would make an effort to have it lit...I saw loads of those light boxes on the ceiling! Overall, I had come across three security guards along the whole way and they are mostly positioned at places where you would expect people to come up to the bridge or leave. I do think that is a smart move, because then they could trap any snatch thieves in if anything occurs. However, I'm not too sure on how good they are on that skill but I hope they're trained!

Here's a brief idea of how to reach the bridge. Ask the concierge!

If you're coming from KLCC: Walk over to the convention center from the complex and head toward the MAIN entrance of the convention center. From there, you'd notice that the bridge is right at the side door and there's a direct path for you to get there. No worries, the bridge has an escalator and I believe there should be an elevator for the disabled too but I couldn't find it. No worries, the whole path is shaded and no rain shall stop you from heading toward where you want to head!

If you're coming from Pavillion: Walk towards Spazzio; a street bistro on Level 3 (or if you prefer to remember it so, walk towards the END of Pavillion and toward the Parkson side) and you will find the bridge directly in front of your eyes!

Other areas are still a little sketchy to me, but I assume that you would notice the escalators popping up out of no where so just follow your heart and you'll be fine. Now that there's a safe, air conditioned and shaded bridge to provide protection from rain or shine, there is simply no reason for anyone to pay double on the monorail just to get the Sungai Wang anymore. I'd really rather just spend on my LRT token and get off the KLCC station, walk towards the convention center, get on the bridge and walk towards Pavillion only to get to the main road and head to the Sungai Wang area in style! Note that this not only saves you money from the monorail, it is also an extremely healthy alternative! So unless you're extremely lazy and you have too much money to spare, put on your sneakers and WALK!

And because you've been such good readers, I'll reward you with a picture of me touching the big Harrods bear in KLCC! (Although the little tag says "I am on duty. Please do not touch me." Seriously, WHO CAN RESIST?!)

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