KFC: A Disgrace?

By Elie - 9:43 AM

Okay, so that was quite a straight forward title, but I had no idea what I could switch it to.And what's all this controversy all about? To put it straight to my point, I would say, "customer waits an hour in a FAST food chain, customer does NOT get food, customer complains and workers get angry. Worker gets angry, leaves his station, exits the swinging door and attacks the customer." I think that pretty much summed up the video. Or you could really watch more of the action here yourself. Bear in mind though that you'd need a Youtube account to access the video because it is listed as a video inappropriate for the younger children. To be honest, yes it is inappropriate but no restrictions could stop a child from watching whatever they want to watch.

A lot of racist remarks has been hurled all over the internet right now and in less than an hour, this video has gone viral on Facebook. (Yes, this goes to say how wide media coverage works. You could be an instant celebrity so it's either you're up for the good or you're up for the bad you've done.) Initially, I wouldn't have bothered about this but what made me do it anyway was how some think it's all the fault of the workers and vice versa. So I figured I'd stand on a neutral ground and look at things in a proper way.

From the customer's account as they have posted on Facebook to explain themselves, they had waited over an hour to redeem the vouchers they have bought online and when it was their turn to finally get their share of the fried chicken, the staff members had told him that they had run out of chicken. To be honest, it was possible because i-City is afterall quite a famous spot right now. However, he was said to have said a few remarks and thus enraging the staff members and provoking them to attack him. But according to him, he had not.

Looking back on the staff's account, they had mentioned that the customers sparked out to fight and scolded them in vulgar words thus causing them to attack the customers even thought they were clearly aware of being fully clad in their uniforms and it could result to an instant suspension from their jobs.

More information could be read here and here but make your very own judgement. From my own point of view? I'd say that while the customer isn't FOREVER right, (trust me, they are not. I've had my fair share of customers who are just too demanding and expect a 200% service with a 10% charge.) it was still not the right move for the staff members of KFC to attack their customers. We; as the customers do pay their salaries indirectly anyway. Violence really doesn't help in this case and they should have remembered that they represent KFC whenever they put on the KFC uniform. That's my say anyway...what's yours?

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