Houston, We Have A Problem

By Elie - 1:16 PM

Quoted from my lecturer: Houston, we've got a situation. We've lost a Star, a sad one, but a Star, nevertheless. The sky seems darker, somehow...

Whitney Elizabeth Houston
[9th August 1963 - 11th February 2012]

Rest in peace, Whitney Houston. You were a gift from God with a prized possession. It is most unfortunate that you did not care for it nor cherish it as we all wished you did. Whatever said and done, let it be gone...and may your soul forever be placed by His side. Rest well, Whitney. All your pain, suffering, rumors and stress are gone now. You will forever just be a legend...the girl in the church choir with a talent no one can ever have.

Oh...and just another thing. Here's my hand to you fake people. Look in the middle and realize what I'm trying to tell you. To those who's been doing nothing but discriminating against her for her drug abuse but have suddenly turned the tables and around and going around spreading Youtube videos of Whitney Houston and saying, "Oh what a waste, RIP. We love you forever." I find you people fake as ever. All your mean words do play a part in her death. In other words, all you judgmental people are murderers too. Yes, I may sound harsh and stupid as a child...but these are my own thoughts.

No, I am not saying I have never been judgmental. In fact, calling you judgmental already constitutes me as being judgmental...but at least I know my limits, I know my good from bad and I sure know when to stop. You're not happy? That's really not my problem.

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