Stop Lynas!

By Elie - 4:27 PM

It's official. The current most heated topic in Malaysia is the decision to bring down the Rare Earth project or the shorter and simpler term Lynas that is really going on in Kuantan. Having read through a few blogs and websites, I finally understood what it's all about.


But okay, let's run through this real quick as to what's the big deal here.

Lynas is actually an Australian rare earth mining company who expects to spend $230 million in building a rare earth processing plant around Gebeng, Pahang.  It's an approved project by the government and is currently protested by the citizens all around Malaysia and the protest has even spread to Australia who are supporting us Malaysians! Rare earth is really a natural mineral that contains radioactive waste and what the processing plant in Gebeng does is to remove all radioactive elements from the minerals in order for it to be used in various industries. However, there will be waste left over and these waste will NOT be shipped back to where the minerals came from (Australia) namely because...well...the Australian government does NOT allow for the disposing of radioactive waste in their country. The result? It all just gets dumped in our country. But here's the best part of it all. There isn't a confirmed place of how and where all these waste will be dumped which means it's just a big question mark for everyone. What if the dumping ground was that empty piece of land right next to your house? Yeah, you might as well be preparing your grave stone anyway.

That's as much as I understand about this whole Lynas thing but it really doesn't sound very grand and assuring. As a part of Malaysia, don't we all have a say as to what is going to build ESPECIALLY since it will affect us all either way...sooner or later? So here I am, raising my hands, my feet and every hand that all my soft toys could have (I have a LOT of hands here...especially from my octopus!) to give a big fat NO to Lynas in Malaysia. Get back where you people belong and stay away from our home. Go ruin YOUR own home, you selfish b***ards!

 ChooChoo and I are completely against Lynas. Trust him, he's an octopus. :)

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