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Hey ho, let's go! Guess what I did with my buddy, Heather at Haroods, KLCC yesterday? That's right! I went for a Tea For Two party organized by Skin Food Malaysia to appreciate us bloggers! It was great fun and I've been excited since the day I signed up for it! True to what I had expected, it really was an amazing experience especially what they had picked me for. A make up model on the spot! For a person who lives from day to day with nothing but foundation powders and a pale pink lip balm, this was quite a breakthrough to me.

Prior to the event, Skin Food had posted out an invitation to all bloggers and I am so glad that I had noticed it instantly and managed to convince Heather to join me. I felt it was a very personalized event too as they tailor suited the goodie bags to be given out! Having arrived in Harrods, Heather and I were ushered into the tea party by a few very friendly girls and we were then approached by Kimberly, the daughter of Skin Food Malaysia's CEO. What an honor! She is to be honest, someone you could never expect to be so nice and is someone who is extremely humble.

Now, for the real kicker of my post...HERE'S THE CONTENT TO MY GOODIE BAG!!! Eat your hearts out, readers...they're exclusive goodies and very personalized. I love how Skin Food handled this and I felt really appreciated for all I've done.

Top row < L - R > A gold kiwi premium kit gift set specially for modelling, false eyelashes for modelling and the Good Afternoon Peach Green Tea BB cream!
Middle row < L - R > A sample lemon pack tube, surprise surprise...a pearl necklace! What a delightful gift from Skin Food!
Bottom row < L - R > A grape seed mask, a personalized RM 25 Skin Food voucher and a pamphlet explaining the benefits of the Good Afternoon BB cream line!

So many goodies...and they're all for free from Skin Food! Lady luck was seriously with me the day I saw the invitation because if it were not for the post, I wouldn't have been able to turn up for the event! Because I have oily skin, I was given the Peach Green Tea variant of the BB cream and I must say it's really good how to cater for all skin types.

Different variants for different skin types

In addition to the launch of the Good Afternoon BB creams, Skin Good had also organized a consultation session in which we had a staff of Skin Food tell us about the different products suited for our skin type. For me, I was placed in the OILY SKIN group because well...that's where I belong. I have oily skin and that really is a horror to me. Think of pimples, acne, blackheads, whiteheads and shiny skin every time I take pictures. (Dear God thank you for the invention of Photoshop!) The first thing I learned yesterday was that I have always been doing the right thing for my skin care routine but I've probably been using the wrong products. Yes, I do cleanse, tone and moisturize. Okay, so maybe I skipped the serum part but I really don't have so many products in my room to kick start such an amazing routine.

Here are amongst the things they had recommended for me;

The Peach Sake Toner

My first comment to this is that...IT SMELLS GREAT! I love how the peach is infused with the sake and the fact that just that little bit of toner on the cotton pad was sufficient to make it soak with goodness! Woohoo! Full of win!

The Peach Sake Serum

Honestly, I have no idea what a serum does to my face. The only thing I know is that again; it smells really good! I think it's the same for the whole Peach Sake line but it's supposed to be a non oily based serum that immediately gets absorbed by the skin for a more effective and wholesome treatment.

The Peach Sake Emulsion

Like it's predecessors, it smells AWESOME. Upon rubbing it on my hand the one thing I found was that it was a little powdery to touch but that's not a bad thing, right? At least I know it works! What a waste when I had to wipe away the excess with a wet tissue. The lingering smell is awesome though...and for a while, I was addicted to sniffing my hand. Yes, I'm weird.

Carrot Sun Cream with SPF 30 PA++

I always thought a higher SPF meant it was more suitable for a more vigorous day out but I was told the more + signs I had on my sun cream, it was that it was for a better protection! So maybe I was misinformed after all this while...but this all natural sun cream made of organic carrots was a SPF 30 PA++ sun cream so I suppose it's really good! The only thing about this is that it really doesn't smell very carrot-ish but in fact, pretty bad.

One great tip I got was that it's not necessary for you apply sun cream only when you're outside but you're really supposed to have sun cream even when you're indoors! That's because the UV rays do come in through the windows and the best part of all was that even laptop lights had UV rays that are harmful for the skin. So I'm probably good as dead considering I NEVER put sun cream indoors and I am always facing the laptop and nothing but the laptop when I'm home. Oh no! (I'll probably run out of sun cream very soon now.)

The Skin Food bestseller: Black Sugar Mask Wash Off

First and foremost, do not be fooled. It isn't much a mask but it's rather closer to a scrub and it is VERY good in eliminating black and whiteheads. It exfoliates the skin, effectively taking away all the dirt and stuff being trapped in our pores. Good stuff here! It is a highly recommended to people with oily skin and when it comes in contact, it's pretty sticky but it smells great. It is made of organic black sugar anyway and usually, a little water works the trick better. All these little pointers that the staffs gladly shared is great!

The Lemon Pack

What do you get when you put lemon into a jelly like base and put it in a jar? You name it The Lemon Pack, you make it smell like a car freshener (or detergent as another guest put it) and you retail it! Okay maybe that wasn't the story behind this because it's a REALLY good mask that helps to take away all the oil on the face. No kidding, even my hands felt a little dry after that. I have a sample tube of this. BE JEALOUS, PEOPLE!

 The Acorn Jelly Mask

The acorn jelly mask at first touch is well...jelly. It smelled pretty bad, really but the effect was pretty good and it's wonderful for sucking away excess sebum secreted by the face. Imagine all these goodies for our oily patch of havoc!

Yeah...that's all I have for you. But here's a big thank you to the Skin Food staff who made this tea party such a success! The beautiful, beautiful Kimberly who was extremely friendly and jovial. It was definitely an honor to have been seated with you during the tea party and having spoken to you even if it was just for a while. All the best for your TRIPLE majors in Aussie! Marsha, who had apparently planned and operated the whole thing yourself...this has been a great event and very very successful! Bernice, you helped me so much when I tried picking out what to buy with my RM 25 voucher. I do recognize you from 1U during the egg white line. Thank you very much for your time and patience in explaining the products. Oh oh and to Vivienne, my make up artist for the day! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING ME LOOK SO AMAZING. My boyfriend and parents absolutely love the work you have done on my ugly face.

A great shout out to the WHOLE Skin Food team and I absolutely look forward to attending another of your event! :)

And now...just a few pictures to feast your eyes on...

Pretty flowers by Harrods! :)

Personalized name seating...such honor!


Tea party snacks provided by Harrods, KLCC. The scones were awesome!

The skin care line that they had explained to us one by one. Such patience!

Masks! I need more of these especially on stressful nights! Urgh!

The goodies in my Gold Kiwi gift set! < L - R > Toner, serum, emulsion and moisturizer.

My Good Afternoon Peach Green Tea BB Cream! It smells...like peach and green tea. No kidding. Plus it's oil control and it gives a mattifying effect. Mmhmm!

And a quick sneak peek to the make up post that I will do up PRETTY SOON. You have my word for it. (OMAIGAWD WHY MY EYE BAGS SO BAD ONE?!)

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  1. The pretty model...look fantastic!

  2. Oh so u r a blogger *disappointed* muahahahhaha.... I really tot you are a specially brought in model! U r so gorgeous do you know that? :D

    1. Hahaha yes, I'm a blogger. I used to do only personal blogging but recently I've just taken into attending events, doing up reviews and etc.

      Thanks! Shy shy la when you call me a model. Am not up to that part. Oh, if only I was. Hehe...glad to have met all of you other bloggers too! :) Maybe we'll meet again next time and I'd probably have to introduce myself properly then. Hehe...

  3. Thank you for your kind compliments Elie, but really, it was an honour for me to meet all of you! I'm so glad you enjoyed the event, we look forward to planning more events like these and seeing you there and I'm glad you are enjoying your products.


    1. Hey there Kim. Indeed I enjoyed the event a lot. I came home explaining bit by bit of it to my parents and bragged it all to my boyfriend and best friend. Hehe...I'm now keeping my eyes peeled wide open on any upcoming event by Skin Food while pampering myself with all these goodies! Hope to see you all again!


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