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By Elie - 3:39 PM

Tonight, dad ran up to me excitedly holding up a black t-shirt. It was an odd sight me, really...to see his beer belly bouncing as he calls out to grab my attention. Of course, being the usual lazy self I simply turned the chair around to face him. With a naughty grin, my father looked right at me. To that, he shoves the shirt to my face and tells me to look and look closely.


There it was. Clear as ever. Your name sewn in a bright blue on a black t-shirt. It was small and distinctive but still noticeable. I could imagine a man of your size putting this on and people squinting hard to look up to what's written on your chest. Oh, what a tough time it must have been for them. Trust me, it was even tough for me to have hugged you back then.

I know deep in my father's heart there's a buried regret. He's sorry he never gave you a phone call that Chinese New Year. All he did was hit the reply button and left you a simple "thank you". And that was just it. No connection, no communication...nothing. As for me? I'm sorry I never told you I was taking up to your footsteps as a Plan B if I didn't fly with Singapore Airlines. I regret that you have no idea I was in the Mass Communication line. I feel at a loss that I have no one I could brag to whenever I meet a new person in the PR line. You would have taught me so much and helped me through my path here.

Of course, all that wouldn't actually happen anymore. In 2 days, you'll be 60 years old. If only you were around, good sir. I would have bought you that Beatles book I keep seeing in Book Xcess. I know you would have loved it just as much as you love your many Beatles shirts. The things we appreciate most after they're gone, huh? Maybe this is life. It's full of regrets and full of wishful thinking. Or maybe it's just a lesson to appreciate what you have while it's here. And this is life.

Life's too short to not enjoy yourself and be silly. Especially in the middle of the night!
Pictures taken at 2 AM last night. I'm an owl. Hoot hoot. :)

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