Beauty & The Beast

By Elie - 5:35 PM

So, I got lazy to think of a name for this post. It pretty much explains what it's all about anyway, right? Bingo! I watched Beauty & The Beast all over again and this 3D!

Yeah...I totally love ticket stubs! :)

Indeed, it felt great again to just watch that movie all over again and feel like a child...again. Of course, the 3D effects were pretty cool especially how it made quite an impact on the beauty of the flowers that really stand out. Asides that, I really don't recall much of the characters being made into a 3D thing. Would have been really cool to see the Beast come in 3D though. Just imagine that! All that cute and furry hair of his standing out right in front of my eyes.  It would have been a great experience.

The one thing different about watching it this time was that I finally understood the hidden message in the story. You know the saying that goes, "Beauty is only skin deep" ? Well, that came in here. Let's be honest to ourselves. If you were to meet the Beast, would you have loved him the same way Beauty had? I think I may have run away a long time ago. Or maybe I did stay... *cough* my boyfriend *cough* the beast *cough* (Get it? Get it? Beauty and the Beast? Get it? Never mind...) So maybe that wasn't the point but if you did pick up the hint then good on you! It was a great thing to re-visit my childhood though. It reminded me how much I loved these Disney classics rather than all these shows they're making right now. Nothing beats Disney classics, really.

Ooo, did I mention to you that I watched this amazing classic with a crazy buddy? Well, yeah I did.

 Callie!!! <3

 At least I'm being honest. I do love my beast...boyfriend. I TOTALLY meant boyfriend.


It was absolutely worth it to have spent my day with her. Secretly, I'm thanking my stars for the day I met her at the AdVenture camp held by my college. I think it was about a year ago or so...and we really did look like crap. BOTH of us.

 Callie and I back in December 2010. Yeah, I looked like that. Kill me.

But things changed and we did too. We look so much better now. Way hotter than before anyway. I mean...we look generally acceptable right now. The only thing that possibly didn't change was that we're still as close as before. Or maybe more. Somehow that sounds very gay of us, but that's what it is. Suck it up, haters! And I'm glad I made her laugh that day. It sucked to see her sad and all bottled up with stress before I broke out into my clown moments. Who says you had to have a red nose, fluffy hair and huge, squeaky, red shoes just to make someone laugh? Plus, she makes me happy on days I feel sad too. Yeah, we've got this hidden love between us.

So there. A quick post with an update of my life...which came 2 days late. I know, I'm not as efficient as some hardcore bloggers but I try. I try. :)

P/S: We came across this one cool thing and I really want it. *Hint hint hint* It's only RM 119.00!!! *Hint hint hint* I hope my boyfriend reads this.

It's a Fujifilm Instax Mini in white! Yes, I suck in photography but I would love to have a Polaroid camera to take Polaroid pictures...because I want to. *Hint hint hint hint hint*

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