It's Been A Year

By Elie - 8:08 AM

Dearest Cantus Lupus,

It's been a year now. One year since my father called me up halfway through my class to ask if I was free for class. I'm sorry all I told him was that I was busy. You left that day and for a while I felt numb. That big man who didn't know how to drive was gone? That tall man who was always jovial and giving my father CDs or little surprises had left? I didn't get my chance to say goodbye to you in the hospital. But I'm glad you didn't suffer. I'm happy that you didn't have to go through pain and you went peacefully knowing all is well and everything will be okay.

Swithin Armand Monteiro
25.02.1952 - 22.02.2011

You were a great man, Uncle Swithin. And it's true that you've inspired most of us. You've helped us all achieve greatness in the most different of ways and in the best of moments. Thanks for all the memories and beautiful moments you've given each and everyone of us. I'm sure you're deeply missed by your family and friends. I can't believe it's been a year, good sir. If only you knew I was in the same line as you were. But you probably know anyway. You're smarter than anyone could figure. You're special that way, right?

A smile we'll never see again.
A man so big, yet so gentle and will forever remain in memory. (Lam Weng Heng)

Goodbye again, Cantus Lupus. We miss you.

Pictures courtesy of Mr.Ian Monteiro, dearly beloved brother of Mr.Swithin Monteiro.

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