Over Achievers

By Elie - 4:49 PM

How often do you walk past a kindergarten these days and realize that kids are either getting tinier or that the age requirement is getting ridiculously younger? I mean, come on. A 2 year old kid holding up a pencil and writing down his ABCs and counting on his 123s? Whatever happened to running around the house and creating havoc wherever they are? When I was 2 years old, I was somewhere around pouring milk out of my milk bottle just so I could get my mum's attention! No, I'm kidding. I don't even remember what I was doing when I was 2. But the point is that, I never got into kindergarten until I was about 4 years old and I apparently hold the current record in Strawberry Hills Child Development Center, Damansara Heights for having cried for 6 months on a daily basis for refusing to get to "school". I am amazing, I know.

Puh-leaze. At 4, I looked like THIS!

And at the end of kindergarten, I looked like one of those girls in there. Guess which one.

And what about those advertorials on how infant formulas have extra DHA, AA and whatever A they could think of? Heck, these things are even in milk powders being fed to expectant mothers! Let's face the truth. How does ANY of these weird additives make the child become "smarter" or even a "genius" as these over achieving, dreamy parents hope they would be? So what if their brain cells apparently link faster? So what if their little feet run faster than any other? So what if they're apparently "better" than others in their studies? There is NO use and I repeat...absolutely NO use if they have terrible people skills and do nothing but study all day long. Yeah go ahead and marry that book, kid. I'd love to see your offspring.

Please, people around the country, the nation and across the whole wide world...realize that these really are little kids. They deserve to run around and roll in mud, get dirty and have skinned knees. They deserve time with their soft toys and an imaginative Play-Doh world. They need those little Lego blocks and cute little colouring books. No iPad can replace whatever they learn through all these things. And sending them to school way earlier than any other child isn't going to help them either. They are your children, not your puppets and money making machines for the future. Isn't it just time to wake up?

(So maybe I've been an angry soul for the past few days...but the society somehow just sickens me. Yeah go ahead and sue me for my words. They're mine anyway.)

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  1. lam kuan soon's sister? if you are, i'm dennis (sk bukit bandaraya) if you can remember who i am.

    google brought me here while i was searching for old strawberry hills photos hahah


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