For The Love of Badges

By Elie - 9:21 AM

I have a confession to make. I'm really a princess and my father is the king of... I'm in love with button badges. Yeah, I'm a huge sucker for them. It's like an uncontrollable disease of a shopaholic and I can't help but to keep buying them!

The tags on my laptop bad. Love the one on top that says "Come closer. So I can slap you." by iHeartbadges.

Part of my collection on my bag. I bought them all except the one that says "Goodbye drama. Hello, I don't give a shit." which Cheryl Wong got me. :)

A stupid picture of me lugging around my blue bag. Loving my strap thanks to my many badges that I have on it. Hehehe...

The newest additions to my badge collections that I got from iHeartbadges!

Yes, I was just coming around to brag about my collection and most of them are from!!! Oh and they're going to be at Markets, Jaya One on the 3rd of March. Yes, I shall go on and be broke on that I'll see you there!

All my self control...and everything boils down to the love of badges to express my feelings. Awesome moments. Lovely.

P/S: Well...I have to be there anyway. I have work. Yeah, I'm that Bee girl now. I serve coffee. :)

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