I built my Rome

By Elie - 4:15 PM

Well, that's not exactly an appropriate title to this post but somehow I just ran out of ideas and it popped into mind. Oh and yeah, I haven't been coming around with good posts because...I've been busy studying and working my butt off; supporting my family and myself and aiming for a huge future where I will then research on a cure for all the diseases in the world... I've been lazy. My brain has seemingly been on a shut down mode for a while and it's terrible to see my blog simply being left to waste. But fret not, I really am trying to come by as often as possible to speak about things. And here's one.

First of all, here's a big shout out to everyone who works hard to earn their OWN money; with their own hands and feet, their own blood and sweat, their own efforts and uses absolutely no connections whatsoever in order to gain whatever they have. I know, it's tough work. It sucks to think that a tiny purchase eats up about 2 or 3 hours of all that tough effort and yet we have no choice. Yes, life isn't fair. Why are you the one surviving on a mere RM 10 a day when some other kid out there lives with RM 50 or RM 100 a day, simply spending away? Why can't lives just take a switch and you be the one to enjoy instead? You know what? Bury that thought. Seriously, it sucks...but think of how amazingly independent you are. Think of how good you will be when you are put in a tough situation. Think of your street smart skills and smooth talking talents to get out of trouble! Just think of how you have the upper hand advantage to all these things!

To be honest, I'm proud to be a poor kid. I'm happy to be born into an average family with just enough to spend, just enough to eat and just enough to be happy. In fact, we don't really need to be rich to be happy. We're content as we are. Yes, I am not a kid with the newest or most flashy gadget but at least I value money. I spend when I can and when I can't, I simply muster up a little bit of whole lot of self control and walk away. Admittedly, I spend when I want to...but I do it because I know I can. I don't earn a fortune and in fact, I don't even earn enough to pay bills or stuff like that. Of course, it's not that I am expected to do so yet...but I do it whenever I can. That's right, I pay my own internet bill. And I buy my own stuff. With my own salary. And I say that with pride and dignity.

It's a good life as a rich kid. All those nifty gadgets and amazing treatments. All those proud moments and times of feeling that "I'm way better than you poor beggars" fill the air. Well, bask ahead in your glory. I'd probably sit around to see the day you fall and never get up. That's the thing, isn't it? These kids who were born with golden spoons in their mouths probably have no idea what it's like to walk around for 8 hours or stand at a position for 10 hours just to make a measly 50 buck salary. Yeah, I'd pull you back up after watching you fall...but bear with me as I laugh for a while, okay? I mean...come on. For all the times you've looked down on me...I can't even have a little amusing moment for myself? Gee, go figure.

Okay, maybe that seemed a little judgmental. Not all rich kids are snobby and what not. Some are nice...and if you know which category you fall under, well...you either buck up or stay that way. Yes, I am a little irritated by the attitudes of rich kids who think they are so high and mighty as I write of this post. I was the one who built my own Rome. Whether I make it or break it, it really is up to me. Go get your own Rome to break!

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