Happy Birthday Daddy Dearest!!!

By Elie - 5:00 PM

Phew...the dates are just going on so close...from Valentine's to my brother's birthday (which is the same day anyway...) and now it's time for the birthday of one man who made ALL of this possible.

Daddy's little girl. Always. :)

That's right! It's my daddy's birthday! So here's one for my darling daddy:

HAPPY 57TH BIRTHDAY DADDY!!! *Drinks beer*
I mean...err... *throws confetti*

Yeah, my dad's some senior citizen now. Well, he's been for 2 years but he has yet to "fully utilize" his "advantage" anyway. Half price for train rides and what not apparently. Meh...these silly KTM trains are just so unreliable, I think he's better off driving everywhere.

But anyway...I hope you'll enjoy tonight...it's dinner with the assistant governor and family anyway. See how amazing you are, dad? I love you. Although your favourite past time really just includes scolding me, knocking me on the head, rolling your eyes at me and possibly getting angry at me...I still do love you daddy. Cheers!!! *Drinks beer*

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