Valentine's Day Like A Boss

By Elie - 5:00 PM

So Valentine's has passed! What was YOUR Valentine like?

Big lollipop for the small girl!

Yes, my boyfriend decided to reach out for my inner child and gave me a big lollipop for Valentine's day! I suppose it wasn't all too bad that we decided to go for dinner and a movie after. Admittedly, there was not much a crowd around 1U today and to us, it was quite a shocker. We had expected a full parking, long queues for movie tickets and a mile far line to wait for tables. But we were greeted with empty parking lots, a straight access into ticketing counters and nearly an immediate table. So Sakae Sushi wasn't too good an idea for a Valentine's dinner and we walked away to Fish & Co.

Overall, my very first Valentine's Day in my life was great. I appreciate how my boyfriend made the effort to spend it all with me. So what if we were broke after? We had a great night out together and it was definitely a damper before dinner. All that rain nearly ruined all my plans to have a simple date...but I guess God isn't all that cruel.

How was your Valentine's Day, readers? Flowers for the beautiful one?

P/S: I was actually expecting flowers...but I guess a lollipop isn't all too bad right?

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