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By Elie - 4:28 PM

Wow. I went on a week's hiatus? Seemingly abnormal after my crazy week of numerous updates but recently things has just been work and assignments so I suppose it's really nothing special. Anywho, anyhow here I am again tonight. To give my dearest mummy a great big hug (Although she probably won't learn to access my blog or even her own Facebook account until like 10 years down the road of facing her tablet PC or something like that.) for all she has done throughout for me all MY years of living.

Seriously, when I think about it, I'm actually...20 19 years old but I still do count on my mum to do some of the weirdest things for me. Like how she changes my sheets or helps me with my silly blanket that will never stay still in my comforter cover. Okay, maybe the comforter cover thing is my fault. I have a blanket that is absolutely too small for the cover yet I refuse to get a new blanket because...I've just developed such a strong love and bonding for my old blankie. Hey! It smells EXACTLY like me okay? And I smell good. It's special that way!

Tonight though, I had mum do something I haven't had her done for me in YEARS.

You see, when I was 5, I got my first ear piercing. But let's be fair. I was 5. I hardly cared about having little gold studs on my ears much less care for them. So I had an infection and mum had to apply medicine for me every single night back then. Of course, my parents decided to just leave my ears bare and as is until I was older and I learned about what "personal hygiene" even meant. And then, the piercing closed up. I suppose it was when I was 12 or so that I realized I wasn't like any other girl. I didn't have round little studs or rings around my ears. So for my birthday, my parents let me pick my own studs (which I somehow remember them to be gold and had an aqua-ish colored stone) and I got my ears pierced again.

Now back to the main reason why I'm here. A few backs, I realized that it was oddly difficult for me to stick my earrings into my ear holes. When I say "oddly" I had really meant it because I've ALWAYS kept them uber clean thanks to my "infectious" story (Or at least my dad's version of the infectious story) and I didn't want history to repeat itself. Lo and behold though, the first person I ran up to was...mum. I complained. I whined. And complained some more. And then whined again just until she got so fed up because I was taking more and more time in dressing up than usual. Yeah, it does take me about 5 minutes just to get my stupid pretty earring into my piercing. Mum's first idea was to only deal with whatever could be the problem AFTER I took my shower. "Okay" I thought.

Just about 10 minutes earlier, I was sitting with her as she poked and prodded my ears with my own stud. It was funny because I no longer felt like a 20 19 year old!!! (STOP TELLING ME I'M OLD!!!) Instead, I felt like the 5 year old me (although I remember NOTHING of my infectious story, something tells me this feels familiar) getting pampered by mummy. Well...that and having her tablet in my hand to distract me anyway.

It made me think a lot though. When I think about it, mum's not exactly the youngest woman around the block (Yeah! There's always...ME!) and yet she's still doing all these silly motherly things because to her, it's her responsibility. She has the choice NOT to do it, right? But she's doing it. She's a mum. No mum just leaves their child in pain. I think. My mum doesn't, at least. In fact, she's that one of a kind loving mum that has somehow adapted to the habit of loving my brother's girlfriend and my boyfriend too. Trust me, my mum's awesome.

So this one's for my mummy from her not-so-little-but-will-forever-be-that-pampered-kid daughter giving a great big shout out that I love my mummy. Oh and yes. She solved the piercing problem already. ;)

 My mum's better than your mum!!! :)

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