Just A Rant. Just A Silly Little Rant.

By Elie - 10:53 AM

As I grew up, I began to wonder what happened to me in my younger times. Indeed I've had a dream bigger than anyone. Indeed I've worked harder than anyone could have with my choice.

I've conquered pain. I've lived through your comments. I've heard them all and more. How did I get from one to another? How have I changed through my years?

How could I have been someone so different? How could I have been someone I've never been? Or someone I've never imagined? How could I have changed to be a person I don't recognize myself?

Who am I at this day? Am I still that same person I used to be? Am I still who I think I am? Or am I a figure of what someone wants me to be?

Indeed, just a moment of remembering what I used to be. Who I used to be. Or at least thought I would have been. Some things change. But others don't. Some words get switched. Some moments are altered. But how much more could you preserve from this moment on?

There's thing I never changed my mind on. There's dreams I never want to trade in. There's always moments I wish I could keep or simply things that could be made for a forever.

Some think I'm just on Cloud 9. Some think I'll never make it. Some think I'm over prepared. Some think its just going to be another abandoned dream. Others don't know what to make of me. Perhaps I'm crazy. Perhaps I'm delusional. Perhaps I'm not up to par. But perhaps I have a thought of my own too.

No one said life was going to be easy. But no one said it'd be tough either. No one guaranteed you a happily ever after. But no one promised you a never after, did they? All it takes is a try. A test of faith. A trial of momentary trust.

What's the meaning of life sometimes? Is it that you grow to be someone else? Or that you have thoughts no one really understands? Is it that you become a person you hate? Or someone you now require time to know? What's in it for you? Or maybe...what's in it for me?

P/S: I'm pretty aware this is a pointless rant...but I've just had a tough week on myself filled with questions, anger, hatred, passion, tears, smiles and a whole lot of rubbish. Maybe it's time I let go at a point. :)

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