Teach Your Damn Kids

By Elie - 4:40 PM

I keep getting over worn posts in my blog but I ain't even sorry. I'll be honest. I'm not a 24/7 blogger and neither am I a person who faces her laptop all the time. Please, I have better things to do. Sleep, eat, sleep, eat, sleep, eat, play with my NDS. I am a busy young adult!

Anyway, here's my rant as usual. HOW IS IT POSSIBLE THAT PARENTS NOWADAYS KNOW NOTHING ABOUT GIVING THEIR CHILD SOME BASIC DISCIPLINE AND RESPECT FOR THE PUBLIC?! Seriously, young or aged parents out there in the open: I've said this once and I'm saying it over and over again...PLEASE start disciplining your child. Teach them to say "Thank you" when they get something, educate them with "Excuse me" as they burp or need to seek way and most importantly, learn to APOLOGIZE with a big fat "I'm sorry" in every possible language they can learn.

Why, indeed am I so ticked off tonight? You see, two nights ago my parents and I were in Jusco of One Utama when my dad decided to enter the non-halal section, leaving just my mum and I outside. As usual, I walked ahead staring at whatever I could stare at while indulging in my ice cream when I suddenly heard my mum shout, "Ouch." Based on my normal reflex, I turned around and saw my mum rubbing at her ankles. Apparently some stupid kid had rammed a stroller right at her ankles and all the parents of the kid did was steer the child to a clearer path and walked away! God, was my anger at it's peak. Of course, I didn't let it off. I walked all the way to the front and shouted out as loud as I possibly can without looking like some crazy woman from an asylum, "Rude, idiotic, brainless parents who knows nuts about teaching their children some basic manners. Some people seriously deserve to remain in rural areas instead of being out in the cities. Stupid fools."And of course, I had to top it off with death stares shot at not the children but the parents who looked like they had gotten married because of the arrival of children. There was no eye contact between the two and it just seemed like they were together on an arranged marriage or something. This whole stare game lasted for about 5 minutes before I decided to just walk away. Thank God for the resistance to kick them in their shin anyway. Nobody hurts my family and friends, damnit!

Yes, I am pissed off to no ends on this matter. So what if they are children? Kids need to be taught. Kids need to be guided. Kids need to be smacked in their arse if that's what's going to remind them that when they are in the wrong, they need to apologize. They need to learn the meaning of having MANNERS.

You want to know what I cannot stand? Here's what drives me up the wall.

  1. I cannot stand kids who scream for no reason in the public. Shopping malls? Check. Cinemas? Check. Mamak shops? Check. CLOSED RESTAURANTS?! REALLY?! A place where your screeches of sound waves CANNOT escape?! Really?!
  2. I cannot stand children who insist on pushing a cart of their own in shopping malls. It's already crowded enough in malls. We don't need dangerous "drivers" around to put our lives (or feet) at stake.
  3. The same works for strollers. Yes, it is adorable for the elder sibling to want to push their younger sibling on strollers...but WHERE IS THE CONTROL?!
  4. I cannot stand children who stomp their foot around when they are not given the candy or toy that they want and then the screeches come out of their throat. Refer to 1.
Indeed, I'm probably one of the most short fused person when it comes to children who have a terrible sense of discipline but it's just how I was brought up. My father was too much of a no nonsense man to begin with anyway. To me, every child needs to be smacked. They need to learn that there are rules in life. You can't have everything your way. It's just not right. So I'm a strict person. Oh, sue me.

Oh how I pity my children...if I were to have any in the future.

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