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Whatever story was behind the fact that any person could name their cafe that, I do not wish to know. All that really matters is that they serve good food with a reasonable price. Yes, I'm back again on the roll for food, food and more food. It is still a wonder how I fit in my jeans. Legs of an elephant. Eliephant. Get it? No? Okay...

And today, my brother decided to take us somewhere just a tad bit more special than the normal coffee shops that we patronize.

20, Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar Baru,
59100 Bangsar Baru, Kuala Lumpur.
603-2282 0411
Open daily: 8 am - 10 pm
Non - Halal

At first sight, you'd notice that it's a place that is dim and pretty much not a place you would expect to serve coffee. To be honest, I thought I was going into a bar. Funny enough, the atmosphere inside isn't all that bad. The music was fine and the one thing special about them is that they do not offer you a menu if you are seated inside. So where then, would you know what to get? That's simple. Just look at the walls. The sides of the cafe was cleverly "decorated" with what the cafe had to serve. Imagine that! Not only do they save on the printing of menus, they even save on having to buy decorations for the bare walls!

Breakfast is served up till 11 am and after that you'd be set for mostly salads, light finger food and presumably just light consumption. Luckily for us, we managed to get a parking in the God forsaken Bangsar Baru (LADY LUCK WAS WITH US!!! Should have gone to buy numbers. Damnit.) and it was only 10.55 am. So yes, we got breakfast!

Being coffee deprived, the first thing I ordered was the latte that costs RM 8 a glass.

It came with such an adorable heart shape and a smiley face. How could ANYONE have the heart to drink your latte if you made them as cute as this, dear barista?!
 My brother ordered latte too! But he got a pretty little flower instead. I guess it took a lot of practices for the poor barista to be able to pull this off.

I'm no professional in the coffee language but I must say that it was...VERY BITTER. I probably had to add about 4 and a half dashes of sugar but that was just my own preference. I don't take bitter coffee but like I said, I am no professional. I just drink it. The foam was really frothy and came just right though so that's quite a plus point. (I like having just the foam before drinking my latte. Hey, don't judge me!)

Next on my ordering list was the Big Breakfast that they had to offer. At RM 18 a serving, you get would get toast, a choice of bacon or chicken, beef or pork sausages, scrambled eggs, mushrooms and hash brown. It doesn't SOUND like much, but you would really be surprised how it could fill you up.

My Big Breakfast with toast, pork sausage, scrambled eggs, mushrooms and hash brown. I feel so fat right now...having finished all of these.

The toast was readily layered with butter so I was really surprised when my dad took both the slices of toast (we ordered the same thing) while the scrambled egg was really fluffy and tasted really good. You might want to consider adding a dash of pepper to it though. I really liked the sauteed mushrooms in (presumably) olive oil because it was made in such a way that the aroma of the mushrooms still lingered as you bite into each and every brown button mushroom slice. I had opted for the pork sausage because it didn't sound like your everyday thing and I have only one word for it. AWESOME. Every bite gave me that porky scent and it was chewy as ever! The hash brown however, let me down a little because there's nothing much to shout about it in. I quite expected a fragrant hash brown but this just went down as another...potato dish.

My mother however, opted for the croissant with scrambled eggs and bacon (or beef sausages if you prefer) because she highly believed she couldn't have swallowed down all that was offered in the big breakfast.

Croissant with scrambled eggs and bacon strips with rocket leaves.

Who was she kidding?! This was a big serving too! At RM 18 for this, I figured it was okay but I would have picked the big breakfast in terms of being value for money. The croissant was a little set to disappointment, because I expected a little crunch to which it didn't have. The bacon however, could have saved this dish because it smelled like...heaven. The rocket leaves brought a slight bitter taste to the bite and I wasn't a big fan of having a bitter aftertaste in my food. (I'm secretly thanking my stars I didn't order this. I would have suffered through eating those rocket leaves!)

My brother the chef actually picked out something...light for himself and I was just a tad bit amused at his choice of banana pancakes with butterscotch. Of course, I was giggling on the inside because I was contemplating between the big breakfast and the pancakes! They sounded so fluffy and delicious. SOUNDED.

3 pieces of pancakes, butterscotch sauce, bananas and fresh fruits. It sounds so much healthier than what I ordered.

I kid you not, when they say banana...they MEAN banana. All I tasted and smelled from the pancakes were banana, banana and more banana. I could hardly taste the butterscotch sauce! The good thing about this is that it's priced at RM 16 and is quite filling too! They could have let it loose with the banana idea, because too much of bananas really just overpowered the pancakes. Not exactly on the fluffy side...but it was alright. Again, not much a biggie but if you had kids tagging along, this would have been the perfect dish! 

And that's just it. Our bill came up to a whooping RM 112.20 for 4 pax and I would say that it's really not too expensive for the quality of the food we had gotten. I personally expected the bill to hit RM 150 so this was really quite fine to me. Of course, a great big fat thank you to my dear brother who foot the bill and fed us enough to have lasted us (well, me at least) from 11 am to my dinner at 7 pm in which I only ate about half a plate of rice because I could still feel my scrambled eggs and pork sausage around my stomach.

My thoughts? It would be good to bring your friends who are really fans of pork sausages and don't mind having to prepare a good RM 30 or more for breakfast alone. Of course, the food is good and the ambiance of the cafe is proper enough for just a cup of premium joe but otherwise, you might not want to bring some uncle into this cafe and have them shout out on why a cup of long black costs RM 8. Do remember that the cafe is non halal though so it's not exactly very brilliant to bring your Muslim friends over.

Good landmarks to find Antipodean Cafe would be that it's right next to La Bodega, Bangsar and opposite Lanna Restaurant. You'd be seeking KK Mart at the other end of the row of shops as a prime landmark. Happy hunting!

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