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By Elie - 3:35 PM

Very often we look into the newspapers to search for a house and we wonder if we'd ever get down to the list in which we actually see a place we want. Of course, when we finally find THE property, we don't know how it looks like. Then we would have to drive all the way just to view the home only to realize it's really not your cup of tea. It is especially taxing if you're driving in the traffic of none other than Penang. Trust me, drivers in Penang CAN make you puke blood.

Well guess what? People in Penang can actually hunt for Penang homes right in their seat (or wherever they are standing with their nifty little gadgets) because there's a website made just for that called PropWall. Of course, PropWall doesn't ONLY cater to Penang-ites. They cater to everyone around Malaysia!

All anyone needs to do is get into the website, key in the details of their ideal home and just wait for what PropWall has to offer. From rentals to sales, from places most wanted to areas most sold, PropWall prepares every little detail in order for possible home owners to search and consider the places they want to be at most. Pictures are even uploaded so that nobody has to go through the hassle of driving, raving at drivers and bikers only to reach the area and figure that it isn't want they want or expect after all. No expectations, no disappointments. No petrol wasted and time is saved! Seriously, anyone who figured out ideas like these deserve a pat on the back.

The cool thing about PropWall is that they provide you a map to show you places where you can find houses, condominiums or even shop lots. So if you're looking for a home that is near shop lots, you could always just click on the "Map" link and start scrolling around to find that perfect spot to call home!  Oh and get the best part to PropWall. It's FREE to use! So it's a wide search engine for anyone, anywhere to use and there's no charge in usage; just a lot of time, money and effort saved. Two clicks of a button, some good searches and you're good to go!

So guess what, people on a hunt? Your hunt is as good as over. Hang up your car keys and give your tires a break. They deserve it. It's time your fingers did some exercise on your mouse to get to PropWall, no?

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