Ridiculously Served

By Elie - 5:15 PM

Beware the fuming Elie. Yes, I am pissed to no grounds BECAUSE my stupid bloody CIMB Debit Mastercard is apparently "no longer valid" for the Buy1Free1 deal as promised when I first signed up for it and also that GSC 1Utama has one of the worst ticketing staffs EVER.

So let's start up from the top. I went for a movie today with the boyfriend (*Shrieks* I watched The Vow!) and I decided to go there early because I really didn't want to sit right in the front and end up with a painful crick to my neck when the movie ended. Plus, I had a CIMB Debit Mastercard. Which meant I would have gotten a free ticket given that I'm buying one ticket. But guess what? Apparently my card is of the "old" design and I can't get my free ticket. I had to pay the full price. Fudge you, CIMB. You guys have terrible marketing strategies up your sleeves if you think that these silly "designs" are going to help people want your card more. Seriously. It's a card. All we want is to use it, get our benefits and we'd pop it back into our wallets. Of course, unless it's a platinum credit card of some sort then it'll actually be nice to see the glimmering PLATINUM words stand out. Otherwise, save it. Heck, I don't even use my card unless I want to buy movie tickets or that I'm honestly broke to the core. Or that I'm too lazy to bring cash on a sale.

So here comes the best part to my post. GSC ticketing counter, 1 Utama: Please note that WE are your CUSTOMERS and we're NOT the punching bags to your PMS-ing STAFFS especially not to your so called SUPERVISOR of the day. You do NOT at any rate, raise your voice at ANY customer regardless how you are being treated. You see, I had to tell the boy at the counter (whom according to his tag is a trainee) that I was a card holder and I have all the rights to get my Buy1Free1 ticket. Of course, I had figured that he would need to get his manager or supervisor to come talk to me. Little did I know, I had to face a woman who was probably high on her PMS come speak to me in one of the most rude ways ever.

  1. She raised her voice at me as soon as she saw me.
  2. She couldn't even speak proper English and spoke Bahasa Melayu throughout talking to me.
  3. She threw the paper at me and said, "Baca la! Bank bagi." (Read it, it's issued by the bank.) The paper turned out to be some lord knows what percentile thing between the bank and GSC.
  4. She said, "Whatever you say, you wrong," straight to my face when I explained to her I am a debit card holder.
  5. She decided to walk away saying, "Bank pay me. You no pay me. The end."
Of course, I demanded for her freaking name. So it turns out her name is Lyzza (Yes, it is indeed spelled that way. It was the only thing I managed to catch on her name tag because she decided to cover it with her hair.) and she claims to be the supervisor of GSC 1Utama. Really? You can't even speak English and you're one of the front liners to customer service where you're required to speak to at least one customer and at least once a day?

And just another point to make. I'm a customer. You're in the service industry whereupon your company makes money by attending to us as customers. So if we're not paying the bank to pay you, you don't get your salary. You won't have a job and you'd probably need to be serving fries in McDonalds. Technically, I DO PAY YOU.

It's just stupidly unfair how I had to pay the full price to watch a movie when I could have easily gotten Buy1Free1 tickets as promised but because there's a difference in "designs" right now, I have to omit my rights to my benefits. Sigh, CIMB Bank. I thought you would have been better. And really, GSC. You guys suck.

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