Live Your Mojo

By Elie - 5:53 PM

I've been missing for more than a week? That's pretty unbelievable but when I look into my posts I see no drafts and neither do I see reminder notes on my phone telling me I have to blog so I guess...I really have been missing. I blame my 12 hour classes schedule.

So a new semester has begun for me and seemingly, there's more to learn in my life. Unfortunately though, my schedule of the semester sucks really bad. Imagine being in college for 12 hours with classes, classes and classes. Seriously, my brain is only of a certain size. I can't possibly be squeezing everything in with a snap of my finger. Pretty impossible, but apparently that's what my college wants me to do. And when I say there's a lot to figure out on, I'm talking about 3 subjects that have completely no relevance to one another whatsoever.

Video production technique is possibly going to be my worst subject this semester thanks to the fact that I am horrible hopeless in handling cameras and watching over angles, lighting and all that buzz to do with video making. I could live with media criticism given that my lecturer is well...who she always is. I mean, it's really fun to be in her class again. I'm not entirely sure how far I could go with it but there's always room for improvement in every kinds of media we come in contact with. Heck I could list you one too many things wrong with the menu where I work! I mentioned nothing of my part time job. *Flies off* As for my writing for different media, I'm not entirely sure if I fit in where I have such restrictions to my flow of writing. As much as I'm hoping to learn something, I'm not really up to holding back what I have to say with my writing. I write to express, not to impress and sure as hell not to oppress whatever I have to say. We'll see as time goes.

There's really one thing I  have to disagree with my own lecturer though. I'm not entirely sure if it's just that we've had only one class together but she had said that blogging was rubbish and utter crap. Okay so maybe not in that direct sentence but she had MEANT it that way and instantly I felt like throwing paper at her. Blogging isn't crap. You don't just BLOG because you HAVE a blog. You blog because you feel it. You can't just blog because it's a job. It's a hobby that requires a lot of inspirations and a bunch of ideas that just seem to grow like mushrooms on a field. Okay, not exactly the perfect metaphor but you get what I'm trying to say. Blogging isn't just something that you do for the sake of blogging. Well, not for me at least. It's something I do when I have this thing called the mojo. Or I usually just refer it as self confidence in what I write. Of course, I'd have to be confident in what I have to say, right? Or am I really?

Sometimes you don't get what you really want. But when you have it, just live your mojo. Not exactly my best piece of advice...but I'm living it. What's stopping yours?

P/S: Remember that stupid CIMB and GSC issue I had last week? Can't believe it takes them four days just to reply to a simple e-mail and only after two e-mails did they reply me. I'm really quite disappointed with GSC anyway. All I got from them was a push of responsibility to CIMB and no proper explanation to that rude supervisor I got served by. Sigh, GSC. I really expected more. You disappoint me.

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