That Little Kind Thing

By Elie - 6:03 PM

First thing's first: I am absolutely horrified by the apparent new look on Blogger. WHY THE CHANGE?! Not only do I find it an absolute mess but it's seriously something that looks weird as ever. But oh what the heck. These big companies will never listen to the suggestions of their users and just head on with whatever they would like to do because nobody actually goes against them anyway.

Now that I've got that off my head already, let's get through with what happened to me today. I nearly poured coffee on a customer with the keyword being NEARLY.  Let's get a recap of what actually happened. It was a rush hour and funny enough, I managed to find the time to attend to this one table of old folks who had probably come over for just a cup of coffee before going on with whatever they were doing. Odd place to be on a Saturday afternoon though. Anyway, seeing that they were done with their coffee, I instinctively walked over and suggested that I clear away their table so that they could talk in ease and like every other customer, they let me do it. Somehow at that moment, something just overcame me and a cup and saucer slipped right through my fingers toppling over each other and just pouring whatever coffee remaining in the cup onto the table. There were only two words in my head at that moment...kill me.

After a million apologies though, the old folks seemed completely fine and appeared better than me. Yes, I was scared. And yes, I was shaking like hell from top to toe. It's literal, in fact. I couldn't actually serve my customers properly after that. But the best thing happened when they all left because one of the aunties walked up to me to give me a pat on my back and said, "Don't worry about it dear. We all saw how busy you were all day. Have a nice day now." before smiling and just walked off. I swear at that swift moment, I could feel tears well up at my eyes.

Not only that she didn't scold me for being the complete klutz I was, she actually came to coax me before leaving. I'm not ashamed to admit that the aunty really did make my day. Being such an elderly and being as understanding as that, I am extremely glad to have served them. Trust me, I've met those who are demanding and have a "grand Datin" look all the time. *Coughs* ex-job *coughs* Sometimes, you don't need a lot to make someone's day. Just a little forgiving, just a tad bit of understanding and a whole lot of kind words and you're set.

Although you'd probably never in a million years come across my blog and see what I have for you, I wish to thank that dearest aunty sitting at table 1 where the couch and the fluffy pillows are in The Bee. You have sincerely made my day better without even realizing it. I apologize for my clumsiness and the mess I created in which you never blamed me but instead took to understand the fact that we as the staffs have our screwed up moments. A million thank yous and a billion apologies for the fright I have caused you and your companions of they day.

I need to learn to quit being such a klutz. I'd probably be slaughtered and have my body hung by the engine of the plane if I were to make such a mistake while on duty as a stewardess. Go ahead, laugh. I'm still waiting for my day to soar and fly. I'll get there...eventually.

Nobody said it was wrong to dream, to hope and to pray for something great.

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