Happy Belated Teacher's Day

By Elie - 10:06 AM

This may seem like a post that really should have come up 2 days ago but I've been just a tad bit busy 2 days ago what with the assignment that took most of my friends' breaths away.

But fret not, I have NOT forgotten that Teacher's Day happened merely 2 days ago. I can still remember how teacher's day used to be celebrated in my school days whether primary or secondary. It used to be something on a high profile, with cakes and a party as well as a lots of junk food and soft drinks back in primary school. I suppose it's not everyday that you get something like that when you're a kid and all these unhealthy things seemed like the best treat anyone could get considering we weren't really good with money to begin with. I wouldn't know about anyone else, but I'm pretty sure I lived with RM 1 when I was in Standard 1 and that said a lot because a plate of nasi lemak used to be RM 1. Trust me though, I started off with only 20 cents to boot and I will never forget (considering how I am reminded over and over again by my dad who was sneakily hiding behind the bus stop) how I have braved and fought through the crowd to the ice cream man thinking that my puny 20 cent was really a 50 cent coin and I was extremely sure I could get a scoop of ice cream out of that from the Indian "aneh" who came on his bike with his little bell.

Primary school: Year 3. Spot the assistant monitor of the class.

Primary school: Year 6. The only green person in class.

Teacher's Day was more of a reason to escape classes come secondary school because there were no more parties or cake or bottles of Coke with Twisties to share. Everything was a norm, there was freedom more than anything and seemingly when we were at that rebellious age, everything goes. We drank in class, we ate when we weren't supposed to and admittedly, I once played truant away from a class to run into another class. Every May 16th seemed like the perfect day to just pull out the pity cards and to tell our teachers that "they" really deserved a break and that they really should just let us off without anything to do. It was funny because we never thought that they would fall for it but now that I think back, they probably knew our trick and only played along. I guess that's what teachers always do isn't it? They strive hard to educate us and yet we hold grudges for them. They work their asses off while we complain that they are suckers who do nothing but burden us with homework, folios and nothing but newspaper clippings and a whole load of reading. Every examination was difficult and we were more than determined to prove that our teachers were really the devil's disciples out to take our lives because that's what they are paid for. It's funny because as you grow, you realize all these silly thoughts you once had is a good laugh by itself.

Secondary school: Form 4. A year of rebellion, honeymoon fun and nothing but.

Secondary school: Form 5. Every beginning has an ending. And this is ours.

It cracks me up to think of how much I hated waking up at 6 in the morning just to get to school. Or how I used to hate my economics teacher for her high pitched voice. Or that boring accounting teacher who just couldn't shut up although she knew no one was listening. Or that horrible add math teacher who wouldn't let me go although I told her a billion times I've quit add math, I'm dropping it and I refuse to have anything to do with add math ever in my life. These are memories that you don't get to forget throughout. These aren't things you just abandon just because you've left school. They stick and somehow, they stick forever.

You see, all these came back very clearly to me yesterday when the hash tag of #schoolmemories came to light where everyone could actually share their school memories be it primary or secondary on Twitter. Everything returned, and I miss school more than ever. Today, my lecturer shared a video on Facebook that made me laugh harder than ever. Don't worry my dear teachers. My parents are well aware that you guys don't suck and it is up to us to really build who we are. I know that Pandora isn't real and I'm sure Lunchables isn't the right thing to have for lunch.

So this one's for you, every teacher who has taught me, (or have not but has had to endure my garbage throughout primary and secondary days) I'd like to wish you a great big Happy Teacher's Day. Good luck with the little devils you have in your hands because I am more than convinced that we have been the better generation as compared. A special thank you to Cik Kuah whom to date I have yet to take out on a yumcha session as promised. Thanks for saving my phone and MP3 player gazillions of times during spot check sessions. Oh and my accounts tuition teacher Puan Sri Khoo. You nag a lot, you're extremely annoying and I dreaded your classes back then but you are undeniably an amazing teacher. Thanks for teaching me in your irritating ways to get that top honors award from school on the principles of accounting subject and for getting me my LCCI certificate. 

This one's from the horrible child you guys have once endured. It is now the turn of all my lecturers to save themselves from throwing knives at me. Until then, I'm pretty sure I can still be the mischievous me.

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