Much of a Hype

By Elie - 5:35 PM

First and foremost, I'd like to wish everyone a great, big Happy 520!

Yes, my room is a pig's sty, don't mind it. I've got a billion things that really needs to be straightened out and I swear to I will get to it...soon.

And yes, I'm not exactly dressing to impress but I do love the shirt I have on me right now for reasons untold but I really have to say, I rock this shirt really well especially on the occasion that it's 520 today.

But it only came to my realization that there are people out there who aren't too clear on what the hype is about on 520. You see, it's really SUPPOSED to sound like 我爱你 or "Wo ai ni" for the Chinese illiterate (like myself) so a lot of people are taking the opportunity to make it something big, something special and possibly just adding a tinge of specialty into an ordinary day. It isn't all too great nor too amazing but sometimes, it's good to actually dream isn't it?

But 520 isn't all about love for me. Today, I regain my status of being jobless once again. Well, partially. I'm no longer a waitress for The Bee, Jaya One due to transportation limitations and I now have time to sleep, eat, shit and play The Sims and Counter Strike actually pay attention to being an avid enough blogger with informative posts or just a greater sight in things plus have the notch to begin studying hard enough to keep my 3.xx CGPA that seems to be fluctuating on and off. Trust me, I am more than afraid to see it fall.

I suppose it has been great enough to have worked for The Bee for these short 3 months just over the weekends although it has been mad tiring, irritating and on a rare occasion rewarding. At least now I would know better than to irritate the waitresses anywhere I dine in *hints a dinner request to a certain someone* because...well I've been there and I know how difficult it is to control ourselves from driving that knife to the chest of our customers.

Nevertheless, this just means I would HAVE to look for a different job now and I have been considering being a part time tuition teacher to those who seek English lessons especially for children of ages from 4 to 7. It's crucial to hold a mastery well enough in English right now. As much as I am learning Chinese just to get back in touch with my roots, I just can't think of any other reason to NOT learn English. Unless of course, you've grown such a hatred toward the English language, well then I would absolutely not understand how you've been reading most of my posts. I do believe to this day, I have been posting ALMOST everything in English, haven't I?

Oh well, Happy 520, everyone. Much loves.

Now playing: Missing Piece by David Choi. How timely.

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