Where Do I Stand, Truthfully?

By Elie - 3:33 PM

Up till tonight, I have never once questioned the place of where I have ever thought I belonged. It was not obvious to me; a question as such. It was not exact to me; the answer of what may have been. However, all it took was a glace and that threw me off my feet.

Where have I stood all along? Where am I; as a person? A daughter, a friend, a staff and ultimately...a girl? Who have I been to all these people around me, whether the unknown nor the close friends. Am I of importance? Have I made a difference in the lives of the people who matter to me? Or have I changed the thoughts of one? Do I seem prominent?

Have I been living under a rock, dying to make a stand? Have I been hiding under a shelter, seeking an exit that feels so far? Sometimes, I try not to think of such. But tonight, I simply wonder...where do I stand, truthfully?

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