We're ALL The Same

By Elie - 12:14 PM

I'm here to rant again. I'm not entirely sure if it's just me or is it that I've got all these assignments stacking up one by one that is seriously putting me in a turmoil. But nevertheless, I've somehow found the weirdest of timings to get on Facebook and be completely baffled by the fact that Markets is tomorrow in Jaya One and that Jaya One has decided to hold a scavenger hunt only for people who are on Twitter. So maybe you would think, "So what's wrong with that? Almost everyone has Twitter anyway." You see, getting ON Twitter wasn't the problem. It was that their criteria stated that the person HAD to tag both Jaya One and Markets on their tweet as well as post a PICTURE of themselves with the said "token" provided in hidden corners of Jaya One.

It came to light that some phones; most likely the older versions of Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung and what not or just simply put; a smartphone; is unable to perform such a thing. Which means, if you DON'T have an iThing, BlackBerry, the higher edges of Samsung, LG, HTC or any tablet PCs, you are completely not eligible to join the hunt. Truth is, wouldn't that be overly selfish of the organizers to think that it is natural for everyone to actually own a smart thing? Would they actually just come to realization that not EVERYONE can afford an iThing or whatever that's been said? Come on, there's a reason why we're stuck with our current phones. And there is obviously a better reason why we don't have a tablet PC at our fingertips to poke at whenever we're bored. What seriously put me off was the way the person in charge replied me on the Facebook post. It was rude, insincere and to be honest, not helpful at all.

But it really came to my realization that Jaya One aren't the only ones making this mistake. Even The Star that has recently launched the iSnap application to smartphone users have not noticed that every of these so called "exciting" competitions requiring the iSnap application is highly discouraging to people who are merely using old Nokia phones. What wrong have we done that we are not included in the list of "cool" people? What fault have we that we aren't eligible to join competitions that COULD win us a gift? The funniest thing is that these prizes are actually things that people already have. Just imagine; an iSnap contestant who uses an iPhone 4s to enter the competition walks away with...an iPhone 4s courtesy of The Star. I mean, HOW RIDICULOUS IS THAT?! Don't even get me started on those QR codes shit features that everyone is starting just to have people get "special discounts" in certain retail outlets. Go screw yourselves with your stupid discounts. We're not as cheapskate as that!

My point isn't that I hate my Nokia. It is just the way of how people are indirectly criticizing and looking down upon us regular phone users. It is how we regular phone users are not treated the same, merely because we cannot afford something grand and flashy. It is how people just cannot understand that, come on...there are people out here who would like to join in the fun not because of prizes but merely for participation's sake. We would like to be a part of the team too. We would like to be people who are hip and in as well. And yet, we aren't accepted as such. Is this how discriminated we are to live? Is this how fair the society is? Is this the cruel truth in our society as such that us normal people cannot be living as a person too? We're not ALL the same, and it's time someone realized that.

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