Happy Mother's Day 2012

By Elie - 4:28 PM

Guess what! It's Mother's Day today! And did you really think I would be gone without a post to present to my mum later on? That's right, I wouldn't.

Mum and I; 1997.

I have to admit, I have never been the greatest daughter in the world nor the prettiest or the one with the greatest achievements in my never ending changes of part time jobs, my outstandingly poor results in studies or the almost non existent curricular list of mine but rest assured, regardless all that I do, I only want to do you proud. I will try hard, I have go the extra mile, I will strive more than anyone else could and I promise to turn your dreams into reality one day; just as you have done mine.

Mum and I; 2011.

I'm very sorry for the times I worry you or hurt you or make you angry because that's really my job as your daughter ...well just because of something I may have done. I'm sorry for the times you had WHITE hair on your head and I start pointing and demanding to pull it off. I'm terribly sorry for the lack in patience for me to teach you how to operate Facebook (although that MAY just be for the better) but I'll get onto it when you're officially home and well retired alright? I'm sorry for the times I fight with...

 Kor kor and mum; 1997.

...that person in that picture. I know you feel bad there and after, but it really is our way of communication. I'll try to cut it down, but no promises.

Thank you for living with my cheekiness, annoying voices, mad driving, endless complaints of friends, boyfriend (singular wording, do you see it?) , for making silly jokes whenever we're home alone without daddy (I'm melting, I'm melting) and for everything that we've shared. You're a true work of an art to have raised a silly little girl like me. Thank you for bearing with all I do without stopping me but instead allowing me to fall and rise again, to learn and to grow. Thank you ultimately, for being MY mother. And my brother's la, okay la, emo pot!

To every mother out there who has done nothing but sacrificed for their lovely children, you are all blessings. For all your sleepless nights worrying, your restless days thinking of them and your every living moment doing nothing but loving your children, you are truly all angels sent from the heavens above. Happy Mother's Day to you all. Much loves, Elie. :)

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