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If you've been watching closely enough at my space, you would have noticed that I had gone for Skin Food's Royal Honey line launch for two days over the last weekend. The first day had me being their make up model during the blogger launch and the second day had my mother being their make up model; a true treat for my dear mum who suddenly had the idea of following me into town! Also you may have noticed that I had hinted another post explaining of all the products they have used on my mother and I during the demonstration. So guess what? The Skin Food team has replied my e-mail and has given the green light for me to reveal all the little secrets of what had been used! And just as promised, I am now going to share with you all these little tips as per what was told.

 My cheeky after moment. Read on to learn what happened that day!

First of all, I must say thank you again for Ms. Moon, the Korean make up artist who had traveled all the way just for this demonstration and to the Skin Food team for sharing these little trade secrets with us bloggers. So here we go! First off, I was given a spritz of "Royal Honey Glow Starter" to freshen up my skin in which Ms. Moon explained is actually dry. Her explanation to me was that a lot of women have the wrong misconception that we have oily skin just because we have a little sebum here and there whenever we go out. It's not always the case though because having just a layer of oil on our skin doesn't mean that we have OILY skin. Being in Malaysia always means that we're exposed to the heat and naturally we would seek places to cool ourselves down, no? And the first thing we'd look for? That's right. Air conditioning! And because of that, we actually have dry skin and not oily as we thought. Well, funny how I never knew about that. So remember: having oily skin does not make it that you HAVE oily skin. Inside your pores, it could be dry!

After a spritz of starter, I was given a touch of Royal Honey emulsion in order to moisturize my skin. Exactly after, I was given a dash of BB cream and the top tip of the day was to apply the BB cream when you figure there's only about 20% of moisturizer left because it would give your skin better absorption and make it smoother to apply! Also, it is good to take note that your eye area is thinner than any other areas on your skin and it would require a lot more moisture than anywhere else! A primer is then used to give the skin a smoother and more even skin tone before applying foundation. One thing to take note is that around the nose area, the pores are usually more enlarged so it is good to pay more attention to that area when applying a layer of foundation. I was given the Royal Honey Foundation where a glazing and naturally dewy complexion was almost immediately seen. Tip of the moment: puffs would usually make it a lot easier to apply foundations and for better moisture and a smoother application, use a wet puff. Apply the foundation from the center to the outer in a sweeping or tapping motion but do NOT overuse on foundation because it would make you look unnatural and every other effort would just be wasted. 

Some dewy Honey Gold emulsion for moisturizing properties.

The look of the day was to have a smoky texture and hence more attention has been paid on the eyes. It is good to use a bright color before you apply your eye shadow because it would radiate the color of your shadow a little more. Ms. Moon first applied a stick type shadow that turned out to be the Eggplant Stick Shadow #4 that holds a slightly gold-ish color to create a luminous eye makeup look after. Next up was the application of the eyeshadow and Ms. Moon had picked up the Choco Smoky Eye Palette #1 which has 4 colors in just one palette! Tip: Apply powder under your eyes to avoid having your eye shadow falling under your eyes and making it look as if you're a panda. (Although I already am one.) Starting out from the outer to the inner parts of the eye, it is always advisable to check on your make up once in a while so that you know that you look great in it! Instead of an eyeliner, Mr. Moon opted to use the darker color in the Choco Smoky Eye Palette and a tip brush to give my eyes a proper defining, especially placing an UNDER eye liner to make it look like I have bigger eyes than I already have. A mascara always helps to give more depth into the eye makeup and a great idea is to always curl your lashes before you apply your mascara. Smoky makeups usually hit spot on for volumes and an Eggplant Plumping Volume Mascara from Skin Food absolutely does the trick! Mind you, I had HUGE eyes after that because I had naturally big eyes so Ms. Moon decided not to use too much on me.

 Applying the Choco Smoky Eye Palette make up.

Giving me the under eye liner with the darkest color in the Choco Smoky Eye Palette because it gives my eyes a bigger look. Secret tip there, do you see it?

Moving on, it is always advisable to have a slight tinge of blusher to give yourself a sweet look. What Ms. Moon used on me was something I extremely love and that is the Fresh Fruit Cheek & Lip (Apricot) because it was a cream type blusher that worked not only on my cheeks but even on my lips. That's like combining a two in one and the Chinese in me loves that idea. A slight dab on the cheeks give a healthy glow to your cheeks and the best way to know where to dab it is to smile at your marvelous face in front of the mirror!

 Having some Fresh Fruit Cheek & Lip on my cheeks for a little color.

As you are closer to finish up your make up, don't forget a little color on your lips. Tip: If your lips are too pink, it is good to dab some foundation over it so that the makeup on your lips aren't too strong. Remember, if you have really defined eyes, do NOT give extra attention to your lips and vice versa. It is good to balance out between both. Again, Ms. Moon decided to dab some of that amazing Fresh Fruit Cheek & Lip can use it for your cheeks AND lips! Yes, I am in love with that little thing. I've got a nice one in my bag now and I can tell you, the smell is AWESOME. To give yourself a fuller look after, it is good to dab a little lip gloss on your bottom lips because it will make it look plumper and it's got that botox look without the botox.

 Tada! I now have one of these! Much loves!

Finally, finish up with either a mist type finish or the All Over Muffin Cake depending on your skin type. For me, I was given the Red Orange Finish #1 (Glossy) because it helps to give your skin a little moisturizing effect. And because it was a spray, it is advisable to keep at least a 20 CM distance when spraying it onto your face. My verdict is that all these finishing smell great because I remember being at my first ever make over from Skin Food in February and Vivien; the make up artist of the day had used the All Over Muffin Cake for me. I love how these things from Skin Food always smell great and natural. Yum yum.

Would you forget how I look that day? 

 Teddy bear and I. Really, would you actually forget?

And tada! It may seem like a lot but it was really effortless for Ms. Moon to have done all that thanks to her professionalism and quick hands! Amazed, aren't you? I know I am! So there you have it! Little tips from Ms. Moon during the demonstration finally revealed to the public to know. I should be wearing make up out more often now, shouldn't I? Ha! Maybe...just maybe I will!

 My mother during her session. Brilliant isn't it?

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