Same Gender, Same Thing

By Elie - 7:15 PM

Recently I read through a retweet on Twitter of President Barack Obama's mentioning that same sex couples should be able to get married and my heart completely went out to those who may have been crying tears of joy in their partners' arms. It was only when I scrolled a little higher that I noticed a friend of mine going all out and against same sex marriage complete with vulgarities in defaming those of whom wholly supported the idea that my heart dropped and it came to my realization that there are still people who still shudder at the thought of same sex marriage.

My questions go out to these people: what makes YOU different from people who are sexually attracted to people of their own gender? What makes YOU so much more special from people who love someone of their own gender? What makes YOU so great that you could throw on vulgar words and shameless teases at people who are not like you? Just because they love differently, the live differently and they have an attraction different from yours, that makes them what you call them? Queers? Freaks? Weirdos? Gays. Would it make you think twice if you found out someone close to you was someone who was sexually attracted to their own gender too? Would you take back your words if you suddenly realized that your best friend, your brother, your sister, your cousin, your aunt, your uncle...just WHOEVER that matters in your life; is sexually attracted to people of their own gender? Would you still label them what you label others? Would you walk past them every single day, condemning them for a feeling they cannot personally control? Would you actually avoid eye contact just because you couldn't "accept" them for who they are? Would you ignore their existence for as long as you live just because they love differently from you?

Homosexuality is and never should be considered a sin. What depicts them to be different from a normal human? They work the same. They wear the same clothes. They drive the same car. They eat the same food. They pray to the same God. They bleed red blood; not green. They breathe oxygen; not hydrogen. They are the same. And the ONLY thing that is apparently "different" ? The person they love. Why has it been such a cruel truth that people of different ages some even stretching up to differences of 30 or 40 years are allowed to love without judgmental murmurs? Why is it that people of different races can come together in the union of forever without gossips flying all around? Why is it that people who are of different sizes can marry each other without people saying no? Yet when someone hears of two men getting together, they criticize, they condemn, they throw weird looks and it creates a controversy so big that these men have to be pressured to separate in order for rumors to stop.

I for one, support President Barack Obama for his bold move in legalizing same sex marriage and here I am to tell all you backward thinking haters that YOU are the ones who deserves to be stoned. YOU are the ones who deserves condemnation. YOU are the ones who deserves to be hated. YOU are the ones who should receive the worst and most harsh of comments. YOU are the ones who are lacking of love, care and understanding to the world. It's the 21st century. How much more are you to live if not by accepting all that comes your way? Or are you adamant enough to believe that in pushing these people who have different sexual orientations, you are maintaining world peace and upholding justice? Who are YOU to judge people who are different in the first place?

And I for one, at this very moment, stand to applaud all those who have lived such a difficult life in hiding and shielding yourselves from the hurt of the close minded society. I for one, at this very moment, would like to look you in your eye, give you a hug and tell you to seek your own happiness that lies in your own hands. Cover no more, fear no more and find the joy that truly belongs to you as of anyone else. Lift your head up high and tell the world you are not afraid to be who you know you are. Throw away your mask and live your own life without a care of their stupid words of people who cannot accept change. May you forgive their idiocy and forgive their ignorance. May you forgive their lack of love and their loss of mind and finally, may you find the one you truly love who will love you back just the way it really should be.

Good night.

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