Skin Food's Mother's Day Treat

By Elie - 6:03 PM

Really, Skin Food...thank you so very much for the surprise your team has given to my mother and I today during the launch! Indeed it has been such an experience for her that she's home to brag to my aunts about what had happened in her day.

Look who's on the royal chair having a demonstrative makeover!

Today, seated below and watching Ms.Moon have the demonstration on my own mother, I noticed how professional she actually is and I finally got to slowly incorporate the uses of every product that Ms.Moon had used. In fact, I'm quite sure it's the same ones she used for me. Assuming it is so, that would mean my mother and I have the same skin and we should be using the same skin cares from now onwards. So now she can be buying and I can be stealing whatever she has! Uh...I meant to say we can now share our stuff. Sharing is caring, right?

I'm really glad I managed to take mum out today for Skin Food's launch. And now that's she's happy, I'm happy!

Beautiful mummy after her makeover!

Happy Mother's Day in advance, dear mummy!

Mummy, Ms. Moon and I! Thank you for making the both of us beautiful on different days, Ms. Moon!

Ooo and guess what? Mum and I got a quick haul from our few hours in town!

Skin Food's Fresh Fruit Lip & Cheek Apricot!

Mum absolutely loved the fact that she could use this as her blusher and lip color. And she claims its compact enough for anything. I think she's hinting that we go on holidays and slip this in between our many little items that we've packed. Dad, GET THE HINT!

I'm wondering if I'm allowed to post up information of what Ms. Moon has used on my mum. If Skin Food allows it, I'll be giving you lots of tips! So stay put and watch this space to see if I've got a quick edit!

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  1. Honey is a TRUE PRSERVER. Only put on your skin what you can put in your mouth because the skin is an organ. I take loads of local & Indonesian Honey daily. regards SAIFUL


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