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By Elie - 5:13 PM

Greetings, readers! Yes, I am indeed still alive and wide awake although I went to work in a half dead state. It's been a slow day in the cafe and I really suppose it's because of Wesak Day. And don't get me wrong, I'm here in front of the laptop because I've ALREADY went to the temple and prayed. But I lost the orange string that the monk had tied on my wrists. That's fate for me I suppose.

So let's see what's been up. Yesterday, I had been to Fahrenheit88 in conjunction with Skin Food's Royal Honey line launch and then I headed to the temple for prayers. Oh yes, the things that happened along the way as I walked from the Tun Sambanthan monorail station towards the Buddhist Maha Vihara temple in Brickfields. Indeed it was a long walk but there were just things that caught my eyes as I walked and I figured I really had to share them.

You see, there were a few schools lined up along the way some being the Methodist Girls School and the Brickfields primary school, just to name a few. What really shocked me was how the girls, clad in their baju kurung complete with their school emblem were rubbing up against boys who had tore open their shirts to reveal their non existent muscles. There were screams and shouts to take pictures quickly amongst themselves and it really amazed me how the younger generation actually figured that things like these were "fun" to "play" with. Eventually I passed them by because they were extremely noisy and take it from me, it was not even a joyful walk past that bus stop with their echoing voices constantly just going, "Cepatlah babi ambik gambar!" (Quick, you pig. Take a picture!)  "F**k you! F**k you!" (I take it this is self explanatory) and possibly a few more things that were uttered anyway.

Walking further, I came past 3 boys of a certain race shouting toward in the direction of where their backs were turned simply going, "Keling babi mati la c*bai. Sial bodoh bangang bazir tempat kau hidup!" I'm sorry that I don't even know how to explain the words used in this insulting line but I would just borderline put it as something extremely harsh to ever say them to anyone of any age and any race. What I saw after crossing paths with these boys shocked me even more. There were possibly about 5 girls still in their school uniforms jeering and pointing fingers at a boy of a different race from these girls, each of them screaming out, "Keling babi" , "Bodoh sial punya budak!" and a few more things I couldn't actually catch. How could anyone of that age EVER think of rubbish like that to insult someone else who lives in the same country and should be given the exact same respect as anyone else? Unfortunately I was walking with my uncle who had gone way ahead when I snapped back into reality and I couldn't stop to help the poor boy who seemed to just be smiling away; possibly a tactic in ticking the girls off even more.

I just had so many questions in my mind mainly of what the students were being taught in school. Where were the moralities? Whatever happened to racial unity and equality in being one? Why did they not understand that even if someone were of a different race, they were human too? It was extremely unnerving and I've been itching to just seek answers for this all day now. Whatever happened to respecting one another in a country that belongs to everyone? What were these girls going to grow up to be? I sure hope they don't belong in the service industry at least. It was horrible, how they could think of so much just to put down a person who was alone and helpless. I never had problems with people of other races in my school days. We went for recess together, we changed into our PJ clothes together, we visited each others' houses and heck I've even spent so much time with one of my friends who wasn't of my own race that her mother and I could click extremely well. And speaking of that friend, I hope you're reading this aunty; because I really miss your macaroni and cheese. My point is, why the subjective views on someone else of a different race? Why are they not embracing the reality that we all belong here together? What's going on in schools? Were these kids divided in school in such a way that they had no idea that there is a different way to life outside of those 6 foot walls and pointy gates? I had a great school life and I'm even keeping in touch with most of my school friends regardless the race. So why the complete change in the society now?

Merdeka Day celebrations year 2009. We had young, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun. Each and every one of us, regardless the race or the language we speak. All that was important was that we had the one thing called friendship.

HACKS 2010. We may have graduated and we're all in different parts of the world, doing up different things in our lives but somehow deep down, we're still friends who have memories that are probably going to be around forever.

Yes, I'm aware I'm torturing you with my continuation of words but I'm not quite done with what I have to say for today. But I'm going to cut this real short so that you could just go one with life after this, alright? I am now officially...

Can you guess it?

That's right! It's an organ donor pledge card!

I am now an officially pledged organ donor! And that card you see up there gives all the rights to hospitals to take whatever organs or tissues in my body that may be used AFTER I'm dead. To be honest, why keep something that I won't be needing when I really can save someone's life and give them hope to keep going on? All that's going to happen to me is that I'll get into some incinerator and within hours all that's left is a whole load of ashes and some major bones that is bound to be thrown into the sea anyway.

Some may find it weird; to have a wish that people rip you apart and harvest all your organs to leave you empty before your funeral but I would rather think that I have done my part to society even though I'm dead. It's the last thing I could ever do for anyone who needs it. So why be skeptically afraid to admit that some day you will die? We would all die some time anyway. It's a circle in life and if this is what you can do to aid someone who majorly needs it, why would we not want to do it? Why deny the rights of a person to live through your death?

Okay, I'll stop right here because I'm kind enough. Or it's just that I have run out of things to say. I hope you had fun, I hope there's a lot running through your mind right now thanks to the silly questions I've asked and I hope somehow, someone WILL give me the answer to them all. Or most of them. Or even just one. I'm easily satisfied, really! Or not.

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