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Foodie adventures!!! Yes, I'm sorry I have to come around and begin telling people about how awesome my dinner has been albeit it being spontaneously lucky for my family and I. You see, we were really looking forward to our regular Hokkien mee joint at Kampung Baru Sungai Buloh but when we got was closed. WHY WERE YOU CLOSED, HOKKIEN MEE STALL?! I was really looking forward to some porky goodness.

So we decided to try out the shop that had a funny Chinese writing that read as below:

Photograph taken off their name card. I'm sorry I didn't get it from the shop...I was a little scared to walk out by myself and take a picture because it's quite a dangerous area what with all the Bangladeshi / Nepalese workers roaming around. No prejudices...but it just doesn't feel

Oddly enough, they actually have TWO shops but they were unfortunately separated by a seemingly sad sundry shop just in between them. And when we walked into the shop we presume is the first branch, it was full. And it was only 6.50 PM! WHAT?! WHO HAS DINNER SO EARLY?! But it was fine, we were invited to the second shop which was still empty and was opened specially just because we wanted to be in an air-conditioned environment because my grandmother couldn't stand the evening heat.

Ooo let me just be a little child and say...THEY HAVE THE CUTEST BOWLS THERE!!!

Yes, I'm sorry I really had to do that. THE BOWL IS SERIOUSLY ADORABLE! It's smaller than normal bowls and my dad says it's specifically made for people to have porridge because it cools faster. Woohoo!!!

Of course, being as Chinese as we were, the first thing my dad asked was, "What's good?" and we were introduced to their house dish of minced meat with dry egg noodles, porridge with Grouper fish and "paku" vegetables prepared in the "kerabu" style. And so we gave it a run for our money.

"Paku" vegetables in "kerabu" style.

My comments on this dish would be: THIS IS SO BLOODY AWESOME THAT I DO NOT REGRET A SINGLE MOMENT THAT I HAVE ORDERED THIS. Yes, I have written ALL that in uppercase because it is indeed THAT good. I loved the sweet and sour yet pleasurably spicy taste to the fresh and cooling vegetable. And take it from me when I say it is good, because I never take vegetables. Yes, I am an anti-vegetable person. Unless you're talking about broccoli. But this was great. The only complain I have is that it is a tad bit small if you have indeed ordered the small size but I guess you get what you ask for. However, at RM 10 for this, I suppose there isn't much to expect but I am definitely getting a bigger plate next time. Probably a whole plate to myself and none for my parents! We'll just order more...

Minced meat with dry egg noodles.

At only RM 10 for this dish, it was definitely the most value for money thing I have tasted in some months. Check out the size of it when we've actually ordered a portion for 2. Also, the amount of minced meat in this is amazing and I couldn't stop scooping them off the plate just to chomp on them straight off. The egg noodles were exceptionally springy on bite and it isn't too oily nor salty to taste so my grandmother has quite enjoyed this too. We're not exactly a family who enjoys oily food and this felt just right.

Porridge with Grouper fish.

Look at the piece of fish I had!

Again, we've ordered this for a portion of 2 as well and amazingly this did come in quite a huge clay pot. For only RM 16, we got porridge and LOTS of fish. Of course, my mother being the loved this because they had fish, fish and more fish! I found it a little bland but I do presume it is because I had the "paku" dish as well as a plate of minced meat with dry egg noodles first and those dishes has completely given my taste buds something exciting to expect and porridge has never quite been something that gives you the exact OOMPH to look forward to.

And that was it. 3 dishes that came up to only RM 39...with tea of course. But just imagine all these goodness that we had for only RM 39...I really thought it was extremely worth it and finding this place by luck is just great. However, I'm really not going to be selfish and I'm going to share this out:


TEL: 603 - 6156 1817

                                          6 PM - 10 PM



They even have a direction map printed behind their name card and I just thought I should share it out too!


Happy hunting, everyone! And if you're going to go there, give me a holla. I'd like to follow up for an eating trip...although I'm now on a major gym / dieting session. Oh well, food first and body later I suppose! After all, we live to eat. Or was it eat to live?

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