Every 3rd Sunday of June

By Elie - 5:29 AM

Come May, you'd think of Mother's Day and everyone scrambles to get flowers or amazing spa coupons and get as sentimental as they could possibly get but come June...does anyone forget about that knight in shining armor we've had all our lives?

This is my dad...and ugly me.

Of course, who could possibly forget that strict, Bukit Aman-looking, Malay driver / bodyguard faced, bushy mustached man in my life? Because for over 20 years... That's right, no one! He gets me TO school, he gets me FROM school, he kicks the butts of the bullies in school, he kicks MY butt for not being in school...okay the last one's a lie. I think he's happier when I don't go to school. It just means he doesn't have to crawl off bed at 6 AM. But you get the point. The hilarious thing is, I have yet to see him kick my boyfriend's butt. It would have been pretty funny to see my dad doing that. Oh, how torturous.

Everyone has always said I look like you. I'd say a mix of both. Then again, maybe when we look at the picture, I DO look like you. Whatever it is, dad...this one's for you! For being my knight in shining armor (although I don't know if you can FIT in that armor with your beer belly) and everything else reliable (like my driver, my last minute date, my doctor, my bar manager...) without complaining. Love you loads, dad. Now drink more water and be healthy. Read: I said water. Ice cold and served in a chilled glass. How's that for temptations?

To every father out there whom the world has forgotten, don't worry. I remembered! Here's to you, the hero of every child; Happy Father's Day. You are ALL a remarkable work of art with the amount of patience you put in raising a naughty monster. Or monsters, whichever fits the shoe. You're the one we look for when we get in trouble, you're the one we look for when we want something and somehow you're the one we DON'T look for when we know you're going to whoop our butts. I wonder why...

[EDIT] And this one, is to every father who has passed on. You may have gone, but memories of you remains as vivid as ever. It could be that you've left yet your spirit remains. Thank you for the sacrifices you have made and for every amazing thing you have done before your demise. You're a warrior and it is time for you to rest. Happy Father's Day to you too, warriors of the fallen. You are all missed wholehearted.

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