That Thing Called Greed

By Elie - 11:17 AM

It feels like it's been a while since I've come across such blogging mojo; to have the urge to hear the tapping on my keyboard that doesn't come out of frustration of losing on my Pokemon battles (please don't ask of my weird obsession over my current gaming preferences) or from doing assignments that are long and never ending.

Anyway, here's a piece for thought. My uncle and aunt are back from Hong Kong and today we went off to PJ for lunch. It's not an easy thing, taking the whole family out because we don't have a big car and my other aunt has difficulty finding her way through. But as people say, where there's a will, there's a way. As we passed by SS2, my aunt from Hong Kong noticed the stretch of "durian" stalls that had banners saying "Durian Buffet, RM 9". That was seemingly enough to put my aunt into a frenzy and she noted that if she had stayed close enough, she'd be having durians EVERYDAY. Of course, that was retaliated by my uncle who said, "If you lived right here, I bet you wouldn't even like durians anymore." That was immediately followed by a noting that said, "That's just how people are. They never want what they have and yet look for what they don't."

It's funny to think that it was true and that was how humans really were. We're never satisfied with what we have and instead we're always chasing after what we don't. We're always looking for what we can't possess yet would never look at what's already in our hands. So here's a question for everyone: when would you be contented with what you have? Is it the day you become the owner of a multimillion money making company? Or the mistress of Tim Cook; the current CEO of Apple company? Will it be when you have a child? Or two? Or three? Would it be when you run away on a secret escapade with your lover and be hidden from the world forever? Or would it just be...the day you finally sit down to realize you already have it all?

Picture stolen from Sophira's album on Facebook. Muahaha!!!

To was just the day I found people who accepted me for who I am. The very day I realized, I do fit in with these buddies of mine. The day I realized...I am not alone and I already have it all. Friends, family and love.

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