Sometimes We Grow

By Elie - 3:06 PM

I've always liked the fact that I hit little milestones such as this one that marks my 200th post on Elie Says. So go ahead and throw some confetti around, please! As some of you may know, I started out the blog last year with lots to overcome and a lot more to say but in recent days I've just come around less and less much thanks to my gaming obsession never ending list of assignments as well as the hunt for jobs.

Anyway, I rarely do or share things like these publicly but this felt funny enough to be mentioned and be given light to. It's this one thing in life we all call love that turns everyone blind. It makes the world go round and it happens to each and everyone. It could be the love from a father to a daughter. Or a son to his mother. Or it could just be a man toward another man. (Yes, I am PRO homosexual and I will stamp out whoever discriminates them. If you haven't already heard me rant over how annoying it gets when people tell me that gay people deserve to die, then go ahead and read them here and here. ) But tonight, I'll just tell you about something all you haters would call "normal". To me, I just call it love.

It's funny because this post was entirely inspired only after an extremely close friend of mine explained of how her relationship with her boyfriend has begun to become extremely comfortable yet happy. We all begin as friends, shy and decent. We wouldn't bat an eye at each other and most of the time, we're stealing glances. That moment you get the chance to say hi could be your dream come true and the minutes you count being stuck in the same lift could just be your 7 minutes in heaven. For me, it began with an awkward hello and then he stole my pen and never turned up for the next day of college orientation.

Fate works in odd ways and more often than not, it plays with your feelings. From the days that we've grown to the days we've learned, things have happened and words have been flung back and forth. Somehow in someway, we stayed strong if not stronger and we became weird...if not weirder already. You see, being in a relationship brings you through stages. You're shy, you're timid, you're afraid. You're comfortable, you're relaxed, you're open. You feel a norm, you feel nothing like others feel and you simply see things others don't. 

I've moved on to being comfortable, or rather he has. And in love, you accept everything that comes be it good or bad. To me, I have lived with his loud burps and awkward moments of shouting in the middle of no where or his ridiculous barks in public. People grow, people learn, people leave it be. For me? I've just decided to laugh along.

Until he farts in my face. Then I stab his sides.

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