Life's A Lesson

By Elie - 10:14 AM

For those with an eye catchy enough to notice, there's been changes on my blog mainly on my sides, labels as well as the extra pages. Fact is, I felt that I've been having too many clutters around my blog and I figured it was time for a change. And while we're on a confessional mode, let me just say: I have never known how on earth to create pages on my blog right until yesterday when I asked a close family friend of mine how she managed hers. Phew!

Everyday you live, life teaches you a lesson. You could fall and hurt yourself but you'd learn to be careful now. You could trip and get a bruise but you'd learn to watch out for cracks. And somehow in time, you begin seeing that all that have made you cry isn't worth it after all.

But that's just it, right? Life's a lesson and we're all just little puppets learning our ways till the day we die.

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