In Rage Part II

By Elie - 12:14 PM

Okay, so in between the few hours I have been extremely productive sleeping. I'm sorry I'm a pig. But I swear I will redeem myself by going out to gym right after this post. Again, just recently I came across a post on Facebook regarding some girl named Deidre Wong whom claimed that her father told her about how he was a gentleman by taking her mother out on dates without complaining, paying for everything and that apparently men of these days are failures because they have no means of supporting themselves much less pay for their girlfriends. You could really just find the picture here, with complete credits to Conrad Chynns whom posted and highlighted the matter.

To me, I was flabbergasted by this outrageous fact that her father would say "No money, no honey" at the end of the note. Or was that just something she added on herself? With no disrespect whatsoever to her father, I am merely just VERY curious...does that mean that men without money does not deserve to love? Does that mean that men who are poor should just be a bachelor forever? Does that mean that all girls should ONLY look at rich men and never look at poor people? What was he educating his own daughter with? While it's true that it's an extremely materialistic world out there and money is quite a necessity of today's society, did it actually mean that it is EVERYTHING?

I'm poor yet happily in love. Imagine that. :)

Well then, let me tell you something. This is my boyfriend and we are both financially unstable. We are both students of the same college yet happily together for about a year and a half and still counting without having to argue about who pays for what. It's simple. If you've had it, you pay for it. If you want it, you buy it for yourself. If you're dying for it, you settle the bill. We live 35.2 km(s) away from each other but I don't demand that he comes around to fetch me as though I'm a princess. In fact, I beg for my family car so that we could meet at a designated halfway point. Does that mean that we're incapable of a happy relationship? Or did it mean that he was a bad boyfriend? Would it make him a sinner that he does not pick me up, pay for my meals, take me to movies or shower me with flowers? My verdict: no.

I have never seen the problem in having no money in a relationship because if it's money that you're going to need just so your relationship works, maybe it's time to rethink it all over again. Was it the cash flow that you're dating or was it the man? Just because you have to pay for yourself, that makes your boyfriend a bad person? Would that actually mean he is any less gentleman as any man out there? It could be your call but what good would it make if your man is rich yet a jerk? What good could come out if you had to depend on your boyfriend before you can do anything for yourself? Did that mean you would have that scoop of ice cream ONLY if he was the one who bought it? Did that mean you could have that amazing dress at the window ONLY if he paid for it? Would you be skipping your meals just because your boyfriend isn't around to foot the bill? Did that mean that you would lose out on the chance to watch the forever sexy Johnny Depp on wide screen just because your boyfriend did not pay for your movie ticket?

But you's something for you to ponder upon. Would you pick a man who is loving, kind, responsible, hardworking and loyal over a man with every kind of riches in the world yet is a jerk, a true playboy and is lazy as hell? My money's on the first maybe you could have your rich boy instead, right? Oh some people, such money minded thoughts. Gym time!

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