In Rage Part I

By Elie - 9:22 AM

Ooo update! Right, so following the utter depression I have gotten two nights ago, here I am again in rage over a few matters in hand. But of course, let's start with the one that appears the most fresh. Alex Ong from Singapore. For those of you who have absolutely no idea who this infamous man is, fret not, I would never leave you empty handed.

Yes, go ahead and click the play button and be disgusted to the core.

While there has been endless feedback pieces from Alex himself as found on his Facebook and Tumblr page the public is still at rage on how a man; a well grown man could find himself raising his voice, threatening to slap and finally push an elderly woman off a bus. Of course, the bus was not moving but given that it was an ELDERLY person involved and everyone in their right mind would understand that they are far more fragile than any of us; excluding babies of course.

But he did it anyway and his only explanation and ticket out was to claim that he had OCD as well as ASD. However, was that really a valid enough reason to shout, threaten and hurt a harmless old lady? To be honest, was this how he acted throughout in his life? A claim from Alex read, "I do not have an easy life. Money is hard to come by. My parents are separated. I only have three credits in 'O' levels. Jobs I like are near-impossible to come by." So here is my question for you, Alex Ong. What ARE the jobs you like? If you're aiming to be a CEO with a sexy secretary serving you coffee and sandwiches every morning, then surely you are just going to remain where you are till the day you die. Nothing comes off easy, you have to EARN it. Just because you don't like your job, it doesn't mean you can't work it. Do you think I enjoy serving snobby customers and cleaning up after their mess? We never like the jobs we have, but that's just the way life is. Like you said, money IS hard to come by. And that's how living is like. You claim to have on 3 credits in your "O" levels, so are you doing anything to help in that? Take in night lessons? I'm sure there are private institutions willing to aid people who are not that good in their studies. Nobody has an easy life but I don't see bankrupt people pushing old folks off buses. I don't see beggars on the streets threatening to slap an elderly.

Another quote off his Facebook note, "No one really truly understands me." Well guess what, Alex Ong? Nobody is supposed to REALLY TRULY understand you. Wait, do those words even make sense? Really understand? Truly understand? Really truly understand? Anyway, the fact is that you're supposed to help people understand you and let's be honest, pushing an elderly woman is NOT the way for people to "understand" you. You've just attracted attention the wrong way, that's all. And explaining about your OCD and ASD isn't going to help. If you're aware of your problems, seek help the right way, not let the light shine on it and beg for sympathy and understanding.

Given that he's already in trouble as is, I would think that he deserved it. And when I say that, I really mean it. I would have actually looked forward to him getting charged for an assault (is that what they refer to this as?) or just accidental assault  in order for himself and others out there to learn a lesson. Brutality isn't the answer, especially not on women and old folks. Where are your manners and respect? And Alex Ong, this one's for you. If I were the lady seated behind you on that very day, I would have smacked your head repetitively until you stood up, socked you in your groin, have everyone help me push you off the bus and leave you be as you watch the bus roll away with every passenger cheering in joy. But it didn't happen. Pity.

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