My Fish, Your Fish

Fishy tales! Okay that's pretty irrelevant but this came about from a fish anyway.

So my mum was picking out fishes this morning at a nearby store and it just hit me how she picked up fish by fish and decided to stare hard at it before putting it in the bag. My question was: what makes this fish different from another?

Seriously? Who decides the fishes?

They each have a tail. They each have eyes. They are all fat and fresh. So why did she pick one fish away from another? What was wrong with fish number 1? Wait...WHICH was fish number 1? Of course, I'm not a huge fan of fact I hate fish! I hated how they smelled and how slimy their skin felt.

But there we go again, isn't it? Judging just as we go. Plus, if we're already picking fishes, what's to say we're not picking out people? And what's to say we're not getting judgements now?

Here, fishy fishy.



  1. hi Elie , we LOOK at the GILL to determine freshness. Dark Gill means the fish has been sitting on the tray for longer. Red means , just arrived

    1. Hi Saiful,

      Oh dear, I would turn out to be a horrible wife and mother in the future. My family will have to dine out EVERY SINGLE NIGHT now! :P

      My mother once said to look into the fishes' eyes but really I can't stand the stench of fishes in the markets. There goes my "motherly" side of life!


    2. Aha, eating out. it may seem and appear luxurious , but the manner in which food is prepared is very much COMPROMISED when you eat out.
      DUBIOUS OIL used, TOXIC TABLE SALT, MSG (only good for causing cancer and frying your brains), coloring etc

      fish must be fresh, and must NOT CONTAIN "PENGAWET MAYAT". that formaldehyde and other embalming stuff they put into the fish is so TOXIC.

      the old SKILLS of eating REAL FOOD is fast disappearing. strange non communicable diseases mushrooming. it IS IN THE FOOD THAT WE EAT

      study the famous OKINAWA LONGEVITY secrets. those earlier generation HARDLY FALL SICK, they never see doctors, except for medical intervention for trauma or accidents. THEIR GRANDCHILDREN are sickly, adopting the diet of "modern American food" and abandoning traditional HERBS, SPICES, EXOTIC vegetables etc

      Cancer is so so so prevalent, it is just that people are still ignorant of its actual causes. never taught at school seriously as a subject, rather mentioned casually in passing.

      my in - law had cancer of breast, cancer of lungs, pancreas, brains, and the blood is infected. it is so stressful to cure her. but we managed somehow, with traditional "RED INDIAN MEDICINE", practiced over the centuries, but simply HIDDEN from the public. don't ask about the cost :-(

      you have skills to write, and with experience and REAL KNOWLEDGE, in the fullness of time, you will be able to contribute greatly to society , just my opinion ...SAIFUL

  2. Need to get fresh fish, hence the staring and the choosing :D

    1. Hahaha torture me when I had to stand right behind her holding the plastic to contain the fishes she picked out! Fuh smelly! ><