What Do You See?

By Elie - 12:05 PM

The inspiration to this blog came LAST night just as I was going to sleep and there was NO way I would come around blogging just before my finals that happened *gasp* 3 hours ago.There goes my 5th semester in college. Yes, 3 more semesters to the end. Okay completely random line in this post but I've really got to share my joy of completing 5 semesters in college albeit not without effort.

But let's get on with what this post is all about. Last night after I've switched off my lights I realized that I couldn't sleep WITH my retainers on because it was seemingly slicing my upper gums bit by bit (in what I suspect is just the plastic hardening) and decided that I would take it off for the night. Of course, the first thing I had to do was get to my washroom but lo and behold...I knocked my tiny table and chair over and the pain was excruciating. Especially on my little toe. I think the only reason why we humans have a little toe is to create pain and suffering to ourselves. Hmph.

Having knocked things over, it occurred to me how difficult it was to maneuver myself in the darkness. Trust me, it was much easier when my neighbor in the back turned on the lights and it somehow leaked light into my room even when I turn off my lights. Again, I just kept thinking about how difficult it was to actually walk in my own room through this darkness although I've lived here for a good 15 years and counting by now. So if I have found such a challenge...what about those who are visually impaired?

What about people who were born blind or have become blind under certain circumstances? How would they feel through their impairment if what I've felt through my 2 minutes of darkness was insecurity, uselessness and a fair sense of losing control? It was probably one of the longest 2 minute walk I had to my washroom and back to my bed. And with that being said, it was a torture because my bed is REALLY near my washroom. I have a really tiny room and my boyfriend would vouch for that.

I once read somewhere that in the minds of the visually impaired was a place made of cotton candies and gummy bears. Okay so maybe cotton candies were never involved. Nor were gummy bears. But it didn't seem like such a bad idea to have a world made of such sweetness. Hang on, let me try that again. I read somewhere that in the minds of the visually impaired was a place made of such beauty that we; as normal people do not have the ticket to. A place where the sun always shines, where clouds are never grey and the roads are made for play. A place only existent in dreams yet it happens right in the minds of the unfortunate. Or could THEY be the fortunate ones?

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