Regrets Beyond The Eye Of One

By Elie - 12:02 PM

I feel guilty. But don't get me wrong. I haven't been cheating; whether in my relationship or my exams. I haven't been stealing; whether from shops or my parents. I haven't been murdering; whether those who deserve it or don't. I've just been another person like every other out there. And for that, I feel guilty.

You see, recently my boyfriend's team came up with a video to show us how we were wasting electricity as we went round with our life. And for that...I feel guilty. It was true, whatever was being said. We're all guilty beyond all belief but we just don't see it. We don't see how much harm we're causing and neither do we see how we're to be blamed for what is happening. All that we believe today is that it should never be our fault and there will always be someone else taking charge of making a move. We would always believe that we; as just a person will never make a difference but have we ever stopped to think of a "what if" situation? What if we DID make a difference? Or what if we actually did things differently? What if somehow in an odd way, we have all been guilty after all? And what if all it really took was for us to wake up and realize that it's time to change?

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I always found it funny that his video somehow made me think of how I used my plug points. It actually feels like he got the idea from my room.

 The one in yellow is my laptop plug. The red one is my phone charger. The one in green is my NDSL charger and the blue one is my secondary phone charger.

I know, it's a mess. But I'm a girl with needs, alright? The most amazing part to this revelation of my messy plug points is that I SLEEP next to this. So if a fire broke out just as the one in the video, I'd be toast. I'm not too sure if my parents would find that it is amusing to have a daughter in ashes. Probably it's just time to learn to stop using all these plugs at once. Maybe it's just me, but a fear has definitely come across to me after watching the video. I'm not too prepared to be on a stretcher while my family mourns over me. Ultimately, I'm just not ready to lose all these luxuries I've been granted.

The problem with us humans is that we have yet to learn that these awesome "features" isn't going to be around for a long time. While we take them for granted, they creep to find an out from us.  So while we have that spark of realization, maybe it's time we took charge and it could just be a regret we could avoid. Because in my eyes, I think it could just be that moment now.

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